Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Post of the Year

I thought I'd post an antidote to all the embroidery and flowers that have been going on here recently!  Here is my inspiration for the hall of Daviot House - a room in the Palace of Culross,, Fife, in Scotland.  I have finally decided to to a stone floor, as that would be the most authentic, but I think this room certainly has the ambiance that I am looking for.

A couple of open arm chairs that I will upholster in red silk (and, yes, probably embroider too!   : D ), complemented by an occassional table and joint stool from McQueenies.

I will definitely need a pewter candelabra (Warwick) ....

a hurricane lamp (Glasscraft) .....

And if I were really, really lucky, a cabinet from Masters.

So hopefully the New Year will see good progress on the hall!

Have a very Happy Hogmanay,



  1. Hi Jonquil
    Sorry I forgot you in my list in my earlier post xx

    I love the room you have chosen inspiration, especially the panelling. The stone floor will look great too, like you say, very authentic.
    I can't wait to see what wonders you perform.
    much love to you all and best wishes for 2013
    Simon x

  2. Jonquil, so many wishes and ideas for the new year, may you wishes come true!
    I wish your family and you a very good, healthy and creative year!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  3. Happy 2013, Jonquil! Kisses!!!

  4. May 2013 be a wonderful year for you, and I hope all of the things on your wish list find their way to you. :-)

  5. Gorgeous room Jonquil. For some reason I have always been drawn to wood panelled rooms. This one is wonderful with its soft colour and that great slanting ceiling! It gives a cosy feel to it all. I also like the contrast between the dark wooden furniture and the white washed (?) panelling.

    I have that candelabra (it is beautiful!) and a cabinet like that is on my list also. I would like to make it myself though. For months now I have been trying to decide what it should look like exactly as I would like to put a 144th scale dolls house inside, but I also would like it to have the feel of a cabinet de curiosités. Plus it has to fit into my blue room, size and style wise...

    Those house of miniatures kits are really good. They have the exact same chairs dining chairs from your picture as well. You could embroider such lovely seat covers for them ;-)

    My best wishes for a Happy and Beautiful 2013 Jonquil! ~Josje~

  6. You've chosen a perfect room for your inspiration. I've been to Culross and the room has great atmosphere. You would love it!

    I'm keen to see your red chairs, the HOM kits are just the very thing.

    All the very best to you for 2013.