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Something Old Something New

It all started with this sofa....  I was very lucky to buy a sofa and arm chair from Chris Compas of 1inchminis a number of years ago.  I'm very glad that I did, because she stopped making them soon after (though I think Chris still makes kits).  I have never seen a better made sofa.   There was a problem though, I just couldn't find the 'right place' for it in Daviot House.  The blue parlour transformed slowly into a pink drawing room, and I didn't have space in another room for it. I also had difficulty fitting in a lovely sewing table, and a painting I had made, so for a long while these pieces languished in storage.  But I knew I wanted them in Daviot House. I haven't blogged in a while, because my creative process takes quite a long time, and I find computer time eats into my creative hours.  I mulled over this problem, even considering starting a new property...  until I had a bit of  eureka moment.   I realised that I needed to make a different breakfast

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