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Aller au marché! Plus a little fishing on the way back...

  On Wednesday and Friday mornings, very early, I go to the market.  It is, even after nearly two decades in France, one of my greatest pleasures.  The interaction between the producers and the customers is like a delicate ballet, and it took a few years to learn it.  But now I shop with confidence, and know my farmers well.  I shop at the market because it is local, fresh and seasonal    The end of September says good bye to the summer vegetables - tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, and hello to the more substantial veg of the Autumn.  Pumpkins, squashes, chard, things that I haven't eaten for months whet the appetite.   For years I have told myself that I cannot use clay or model things very well.  But I have always wanted to!  There are so many amazing miniature food artists out there, that I have always generally bought rather than attempt to make.   But I had a real desire to make a pumpkin!  I bought some fimo in cognac, thinking that if it were a total disaster, I would not h

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