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Persimmons, Periwigs and Autumn Pleasures

  After the first, colourful days of Autumn in October, I find that November can be quite a dull, grey month.  It is good to look for bright colours to liven up the surroundings! I have been playing around with more fimo since my last pumpkin extravaganza.  I have always wanted some miniature persimmons (or kaki, in French) as they are my favourite Autumn fruit.   I used cognac coloured fimo mixed with some translucid  clay.  Then a few pastel colours to make them natural looking.  I made some more leaves (this time greenish hues) and glued everything to a dried thyme branch. A new painting graces the hall.  I'm not sure of his name yet, but I love his subdued, russet colours and fabulous periwig. I like to play around, making arrangements using different objects in Daviot House.   The Muriel Hopwood plate is from the breakfast room, the Duncan White jug from the kitchen and the silver wine jug by Stephen Randall usually sits on the wine table in the dining room. A few loose persim

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