Friday, July 24, 2020



After quite a long wait, I finally got around to upholstering the Hepplewhite sofa...  I had initally wanted to wait until I had the perfectly matched silk thread for the tassels as the chairs, but that exact gold seemed elusive.  So I used a brighter gold, and I don't think it detracts from the overall effect too much.

I gave the seat a slightly padded look, so it would look comfy and inviting.

The three piece suite, complete, and in situ.

I almost prefer the brighter gold of the sofa, I think it picks out the gold of the rug quite nicely.

The colours and motif also bring together the rug and the wallpaper, without being too flowery.

Here are a couple of shots that show some different embroidery types;

 the fire screen and rug in petit point, the sofa, work bag and miniature embroidery piece in silk embroidery, and the stumpwork box.

A few years ago, I read an illustrious miniaturist (who I will not name) proclaim that textiles were impossible to use in miniatures, as they coud never be realistic enough, or to the right scale.

I humbly beg to differ!



  1. ¡Es impresionante lo que has conseguido!!! Precioso.

  2. Oh my goodness, Jonquil, that sofa is Gorgeous!!! And with the chairs... what a Stunning set! The embroidery is exquisite... but it would have to be to go on such a delicate and elegant set of furniture. I have never seen one like this before.
    And then to see all your different pieces of stitching together... what a beautiful combination of works! The carpet is magnificent, the stumpwork is beyond amazing!!! Someday I am going to learn to do stumpwork. Meanwhile, I will admire yours, and wish I was small enough to sit in that lovely room sewing tiny things. I agree with you... the textiles are a supremely necessary part of any mini scene, and the artistry is in trying to come close enough to perfect scale. (Like I wanted real cloth curtains in my 144th scale house...) Yours do that for me! :):)

  3. Well worth the wait Jonquil! You really are a master with a needle and thread - the furniture is truly lovely as are all the little stitched artefacts, right down to the tiny "J" on the drawstring bag. It's such a lovely feminine room - you're right to be pleased with yourself. It's lovely.
    ** I've emailed you.

  4. Oh it's so beautiful! I love how it looks. Perfectly scaled and entirely realistic. At least in my humble opinion.

  5. What a beautiful room, Jomquil! The furniture set is so delicate and pretty, and each of the different embroidery types makes it a precious and special place to live! I'd have to agree that platitudes about specific materials used in miniatures is actually a very narrow view, and many things work in many genres. Your textiles look superb and add to the illusion rather than detract from it.

  6. This is such an Inviting and Elegantly restrained room and I am sooooooo Impressed with how the sofa looks together with all of your other Amazing Needlework accomplishments- both big and small!
    I can easily picture sunny mornings sipping tea whilst teaching the children how to embroider, or sitting and chatting with the latest houseguests, each lady with her needlework in their hands and the latest gossip on their lips!
    This is one of my FAVOURITE rooms Jonquil and it just keeps getting Prettier and Prettier!

    But as for fabrics being impossible to use...
    well all I will say to that is-
    stuff and nonsense!

  7. A beautiful and elegant room.

  8. Vous avez vraiment un immense talent de brodeuse, très bonne idée de nous montrer différents styles de broderies. Le canapé et les fauteuils sont superbes avec votre travail de broderie, c'est très délicat et léger et correspond très bien à la pièce.

  9. Everything about this room and the sofa and chairs is lovely. Great photos too! I'm inspired.

  10. The ensemble of the chairs and the sofa look great! I love the room setting as well. It is flowery and light, but certainly not too flowery.