Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gentlemanly Pursuits

      I have been embroidering nothing but flowers for quite a while, and doing bedding for the bedroom, so I decided to make a few 'masculine' items for the house.  They provide a nice contrast for all the frills going on upstairs!

    Two portraits and frames, a working candle sconce and a small clay pipe...

   I shall have to practice the fimo pipe making - this was my first atttempt, but it is a long way from what I want, primarily because it is too short.  But it will do for now.

      The gentlemen ancestors aren't too happy with the bright gold frames I made.  Sir John Ogilvy (left) and Laird Alexander MacGillivray (right) look quite put out.  It's funny how I don't have dolls for the house, but the paintings I choose suddenly make the house seem lived in!  And these old inhabitants are certainly quite demanding!

A quick application of old oak furniture wax (left) soon sorted out the garish gold (right).  I love this stuff as you can apply it to just about everything to give it an old, tarnished and worn appearance.



  1. Te han quedado geniales después de patinarlos, se ven preciosos.

    ¡Un saludo!

  2. Hi Jonquil,
    Another great tip. I'm definetely going to try that on my picture frames.
    Big hug,

  3. Your portraits certainly have "presence" and I love your little light fitting - it really looks good.

    I cheated with my clay pipes and bought them on ebay so well done for making your own!

  4. Hey, what an great tip!
    I am going to try that out on one of my frames.
    The little licht is also nice.
    Greetings, Alexandra.

  5. Ciao!! Mi piacciono tanto questi quadri in mistura!!! Complimenti!!!

  6. Hi Jonquil! Great tip, thanks for sharing :D!! The light fitting looks really good. The pipe is your first Fimo attempt to make one?
    Greetings, Ilona

  7. I think it is the little things like pictures and accessories that give a dolls house character, I also imagine the portraits in my houses to be previous or even current owners! Great tip for dulling down brassy gold frames.

    The pipe looks good, and did you also make the candle sconce?

    Andy xx