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I've been promising to show you the Breakfast Room of Daviot House for a while now.  It seems that this room has taken years to come into fruition, and it's true - when I look back at my blog the first seeds were sown in 2014, when I made the small Dining Closet.  I loved this room for it's brightness and, of course, for my blue and white china collection.  This room is currently undergoing a transormation into something completely different, as Daviot House expanded, and has a much grander dining room now.

Then came the Breakfast Room in 2019.  I liked this room, but the shelving bothered me.  I felt that a Scottish house should have a curved, in-built china cabinet.  These were very traditional in the early 18th century in Scotland, and are also found in Colonial American interiors of the same period.  Though the china collection would need two to hold my collection!

I have had this photo of a Kupjack miniature for the longest time - I find their rooms so inspirational. I was also happy to find a  photo (though few actual instructions, sadly) of a curved cabinet in this book:

I used a piece of MDF for the back wall, and drew on a few ideas for the placement.  Regular readers will know that I am hopeless with woodwork, but I'm striving to improve!  Before I would have used illustration board, but I am starting to be concerned about the longevity of card, and am trying to use more and more wood.

The backs of the cabinets are made from a cardboard tube sliced in half.  I used my trusty Dremel table saw and quite a few swearwords!

The fireplace is not too large, just the right size to use my Delft tiles.  I used off cuts of coving and architrave.  I religiously keep all my off-cuts, as I depend on post delivery from the UK.  It means I have to be a bit creative, as I might not have exactly what I need in my drawers.

A coat or two of paint does wonders!  I used a very, very soft pink.  It looks almost white, but the gentle tinge of pink stops the white from looking too stark, especially in 12th scale.

The Delft tiles fit perfectly, and the space allows me to display a wonderful curfew from Huibrecht that I was so lucky to receive.  In the 17th and 18th centuries there was a lot of trade between The Netherlands and Scotland, and the influence of Dutch architecture can be seen everywhere, for example crow step gables.  Delft tiles were highly prized in Scotland and can often be seen in fireplaces of the 17th century.  

I have a number of Andrew Nicholls paintings but I think this seascape may be my favourite, and it looks lovely above the fireplace.  The boats have red sails, which remind me of the traditional Fifie fishing boats which were used in the North East of Scotland.  The little shell on the mantlepiece picks up the sea trade theme.  A couple of treasures take pride of place: a Muriel Hopwood shoe, an Acquisto milk jug (one of the first items I bought for Daviot House) a tea caddy by Malcolm Hall and my favourite, a Delft plate by Sunny Inch miniatures.

I found a little space to hang my tiny silver saucepan. I found this in a magical antiques shop here in Lyon, it is slightly tooo small for 12th scale, but I can imagine using it to scramble some eggs over the fire quickly.  I like the different shades of blue in this picture, and the  shell-like colour of the walls.  It is a hard room to photograph, as there is not much natural light. 

The toasting fork hangs on the right hand side of the fireplace, one day it may be replaced by a silver one by Mike Sparrow.  The spill vases either side of the hearth fill the space at the bottom.  They were made by V&R Miniatures, my go-to people for delightful porcelain figurines.

After all that blue and white, I wanted to introduce some bright colours as a foil.  I started this rug in October, of my own design, but inspired by a real rug.  

I used variegated thread for the background to give a nice aged effect.

The colours are quite bright, but they go very well with the flooring and the carpet ties the room together.

I used some shades of blue to tie in with the rest of the room, including the curtains.

Under the window there are some more figurines by V&R Miniatures, a beautiful silver tea caddy by Stephen J Randall and a tiny tea strainer by Hestelle Mare.  Just wonderful!

This antique bronze picture frame came from the same antiques shop as the silver pan.  I fitted a mirror into the slot, and it turned into a perfect 12th scale looking glass.  I like to add antique items whenever I can, they give an authentic feeling to an old house, and I'm always on the lookout at the flea markets and brocantes I go to.

On the opposite wall is a beautiful oil painting, sadly unsigned!  It is such a shame when makers don't sign their works of art.  It came in a terrible, out of scale, plastic frame, so I made a new one for it.  Sometimes reframing a picture can give it a new lease of life.  Plates top left to right: Oiseau Denim, Elizabeth Causeret, Duncan White, V&R Miniatures and an unknown maker.

My prized tulipière based on my RL sized one.  I always seem to show you this in February!

A fire pole screenthat I embroidered for the original Breakfast Room, silver sugar tongs by Acquisto, and a large bowl of sugar by Country Treasures.  The half moon table by Masters Miniatures was one of my earliest purchases for Daviot House.  It's such a characterful piece.

I made some toast using the fimo/baking soda method... it was my first attempt, and while there is much room for improvement, I think it worked quite well.

A welcoming breakfast table 

Oh, and some silver cutlery by Mike Sparrow - a long awaited addition to Daviot House, but more about that when I show the Dining Room progress...

Finally some morning sunlight!

Before I forget, a little word about the ceiling.  I made a coffered ceiling to add some interest to an otherwise square room.  it took me ages to settle on a lighting fixture, but when I finally went to Ray Storey's website, I found out that he has sadly retired!  I'm using a cheapo light for now, and will be on the lookout for a suitable replacement!

I hope you liked this tour  of the Breakfast Room,




  1. This room is delightful. The cabinets and fireplace are perfect in the room, you did a great job. Your carpet is wonderful and I like the aged look. You've got amazing accessories in the room.

    1. Thank you Geneviève, the variegated threads were a gamble, but I think it worked out ok

  2. Dear Jonquil, as always, your work is exquisite! I love the carpet!!! And your own design! do you chart it or just stitch by instinct? The results are simply outstanding! The china you have gathered over the years definitely needed a larger room to give them space to show so beautifully! And your arched cupboards are so beautifully done! Bravo! I love every single detail of your breakfast room... right down to the toast in the toast rack! (My favorite breakfast is tea and toast!) Now I can't wait to see the new dining room! :):):)

    1. I do love some toast and strawberry jam! When I start a new carpet I decide which colour would be best for the room, then I start in the centre and stitch outwards, it's a bit like doodling! I never chart anything because I can never follow a chart, though sometimes I will work out the corners to avoid big mistakes. Glad you like it!

  3. A wonderful room with so many treasures. Mostley I like the carpet, a great work!!! Nina

  4. Your exacting taste in both construction, furnishings and accessories are once again, a resounding success Jonquil! Your artful combination of pale pink walls supporting your blue and white china and accessories; highlighted by your curated collection of freshly polished silver, is indeed- Beautiful to behold!
    I love your custom carpet as well as the artwork you've chosen! And speaking for myself, your prized tulipière" showcasing your Gorgeous February tulips" is worth being prominently displayed, for 12 months of every year! ❤️

  5. Hi Elizabeth, yes I can't get enough of this vase! But for some reason I always seem to be drawn to it in February!

  6. I have loved the tour of the breakfastroom. Who would not stop to have breakfast every morning if one could do so in such a tastefully decorated elegant room?

    I love to see the curfew I gave you here. you have given it a great home in this beautiful fireplace.

    The carpet is a gem! the variegated thread you've used for the background gives it an aged look indeed. that works very well. I love everey miniature that you have shown here so i will not name them all. Let me conclude by saying that it has been a joy to read your post and look at these pictures. Somehow they make me long for spring. It must be the lovely tulips.


  7. Wonderful! I enjoyed reading about your process and your lovely treasures.


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