Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Little Spring Cleaning...

Hello again, and thank you so much for your lovely comments about my garden, they are so appreciated!  However, no one managed to spot any Easter eggs... 

 All this spring sunshine has seen me clearing out, cleaning and reorganizing Daviot House.  I thought I'd start with the parlour.  This room has bothered me for quite a while. I love all the pieces in it, but for some reason, they didn't seem to go well together... it seemed a bit stark and cold.  So I found some paint in my stash, I think Dulux Mango, and put a coat on to see it that helped....
plus a rug to tie things together and a different position for the sofa...

I think it works much better's funny how a simple thing like wall colour can change a room.  It is much more sunny and welcoming.  I have to find a good fabric for the curtains, but it is already a big improvement.

I have also started playing around with cold porcelain, making tiny chinoiserie figurines to go on the shelf from Arjen Spinhoven.  I like the little touches of the orient in the parlour, from the Imari plates I painted on the wall to the 'ivory' statues by the fireplace.  

Cold porcelain is super easy to use, and great fun, I much prefer it to fimo, though you have to work really quickly before it starts to cure.  I painted the figurines with porcelain paint.

In my flurry of spring activity, I also started a new bedroom.  This is what it looks like so far... also very spring like.  I hope someone puts Dolly the lovebird back in her cage before the cat finds her...

I started making some clothes for the new season.  Daviot House is an old family home, full of centuries of antiques, but the current date is the 26th April, 1920.  Very specific, I know!  So a white lacey cloche hat with pink roses and a delightful parasol were just the things to go with the cool silk day dress.

And it wouldn't be Latchkey and Jonquil without a little embroidered bag to match!



  1. The bedroom is gorgeous and I love your little embroidered bag. The Chinese figurines are fantastic and perfect on this beautiful shelf.

  2. I like the room before, but I have to say that you were right, after the small changes the room looks fantastic!

  3. Llevas razón con el cambio de pintura se la ve ahora mucho más clara, tu habitación fantástica. Las figuras de porcelana te han quedado muy bien y tu vestido con el gorro y bolso genial:-)

  4. Hi Jonquil! I love the new bedroom! The clothes are gorgeous! I agree about how much difference a coat of paint can make! I love color, so I tend to go over-board with it... but even gentle tints can have a profound effect! Pure white has its place.... but it does tend to feel cold and sterile! Your work with cold porcelain is lovely too! I am enjoying all your Spring efforts.... mine are all on "break" right now!

  5. Your miniroom is so lovely!

  6. La pintura de la habitación ha quedado muy bien. Aunque lo que más me gusta es ese sombrero y el vestido.

  7. Both rooms are lovely! I agree that the peachy coloured walls really warm up the room and I think suits the decor and the era. The little outfit and bag are stunning!

  8. Hello Jonquil,
    What wonderful pictures. I think the room does function better now. It looks more thought out and balanced. Good job! Your cold porcelain figures are lovely, great painting job, and I just love the day dress and that amazing beaded purs. What a feast for the eyes!
    Big hug

  9. Hi Jonquil! I NEVER tire of visiting Daviot House because it such a Fascinating mix of family history and love! Your new bedroom looks so cosy that it makes me want to hibernate inside it. The warmer paint color for the parlor Really makes a difference and is much more welcoming. It shows up your woodwork better too. The reworked furniture arrangement is PERFECT since it allows the occupants to sit in front of the fire, and for the lady to do her needlework facing all of her pretty things on the shelf and around the fireplace.


  10. What a pretty new paint colour in the brightens and cheers up the entire mood of the room making the white woodwork pop...since orange (the mango paint) and blue (sofa fabric) are opposite each other on the colour wheel they are perfectly complimentary and beautifully suited to use together! The pretty area rug also echos the wall colour and warms up the space. The new furniture arrangement is a cozy configuration as the lovely fireplace is now the focal point...the entire room is just waiting for the lady of the house to sit and do her needlework! Cheers, Alayne

  11. Hi Jonquil! You made an excellent room even better! Cold porcelain is something interesting, I hope someday you will give a tutorial on how to make such charming figures. I really love the style of the 1920s and this dress and umbrella and handbag and hat are all fine! Hugs, Julia

  12. I just discovered your blog, and spent hours looking through old posts! I look forward to many more! PS - the mango color in the rearranged living room was a stroke of genius. It really warmed up the overall to e of he room.

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  14. Shame on me! How on earth did I manage to miss this post?

    I do like the new furniture arrangement - such a little change with a bigger impact and all the little new additions you've made to this room are really nice, including the shelf unit from Arjen.

    It's also good to see you starting work on a new room. It looks very calm. Is there a reason behind the specific date?

    Finally, big congratulations to you on receiving the Blog Award. It's very well deserved.

  15. Hi Jonquil! I hope you are well! I missed this post last year so it is good to see something from you I haven't seen yet. The new living room arrangement looks wonderful, I love the colour on the walls and that carpet pulls it all together. And I loooooove your porcelain figurines! So well done!
    I hope you will get back to blogging soon, I miss your posts. Maybe some more photos of the new (or by now not so new anymore) bedroom?