Sunday, April 16, 2017

Chasse aux Oeufs!

Spring is here, and so is Easter too!

The kitchen garden has been quietly growing over the winter months, and now it is starting to bloom...

There is a very, very early pink rose, and the hostas are starting to crowd the path... There's still a lot of good, brown earth to plant, including in the vegetable patch.

The alpine aquilegias are flourishing...

And the Pierre de Ronsard rose is making a good effort...

Elizabeth's chives are already in flower, as is the Nelly Moser clematis.  The cold frame is still protecting some herb seedings from the dreaded snails!

And look at this!  Someone has left a basket of Easter eggs on the path, ready to hide for the children to find...  How any can you find in the following three photos?

Look carefully!

A few more?

Wishing you a very happy and flourishing Spring!



  1. What a lovely place to be on a beautiful Easter Sunday!

  2. Hello, Jonquil! Very nice garden. I admired the flowers, they are very different and all are beautiful. The idea with the eggs is very sweet. I wish you a sunny spring days. Happy Easter! Hugs, Julia

  3. Hi Jonquil! Your garden is looking so lovely! And what fun to have an egg hunt!!! Happy Easter!

  4. Happy Easter! Your garden is a delight.

  5. Love the tour of the garden and the egg hunt. It will also be good to follow as the seasons progress and more comes into bloom. Happy Easter to you!

  6. I ALWAYS love visiting your house and Especially your Spring garden!!! I love the cold frame and the tri-pod trellises awaiting the climbing plants. I also LOVE seeing the good rich earth in your garden which explains the healthy early blooms of your Delightful Roses and alpine aquilegias.
    And it is lovely to see the potted chives against the Nelly Moser clematis; they make the ideal planting companions :D
    Happy Easter Jonquil and Thank You for this wonderful garden tour. You not only posses 2 Green thumbs but 8 Green Fingers too! ;P


  7. Hello Jonquil,
    Happy belated Easter. Those pictures are amazing! the garden looks so real. You not only have amazing plants, but the layout is just beautiful as well. What a wonderful post to start my put me right into Spring mood!
    Big hug

  8. Hello Jonquil,
    What a delightful garden to visit in early Spring...loved strolling down the path looking for hidden Easter eggs and admiring the new growth bursting forth after winter. Lovely to see the beauty that has been created here! Cheers, Alayne

  9. Hi Jonquil, It is now April 2018! Your mention of seedlings being protected by the cold frame reminded me that I must run out with the flashlight and check if the slugs are marauding in the freshly planted vegetables.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Regards Janine