Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Parlour Update (grab a cup of coffee...)

The heat in Lyon has been unbearable, my poor real life garden has completely wilted, and I had to say goodbye to an old cypress tree that the heat finally killed, which was very sad.  However, every cloud has a silver lining, and having to spend time indoors meant that I have been fairly productive making minis recently. 

I keep going back to the parlour in a bid to finish it, but unlike the bedroom and dining closet, I seem to struggle to get things just right.  I have settled on the new blue for the shelves, but things seemed just a little too blue, so I added splashes of deep red.

On the right hand side wall I finished a portrait of a lady, and she goes quite well with the other, poe-faced gent.  What miserable ancestors the owners of Daviot House have!  Above them is a little painting of Daviot House itself, which I did a while ago, but couldn't seem to find the right place for it.  I think the three go quite well together.

The sewing table was a kit from Mini Mundus that I made for the orginal parlour (waaaay back in time, when I only had a single room box, right at the begining of this blog).  I liked the Beidermeier shape, but the plain wood was a little, well, plain. 

 So I got out my paints and gave it a good coat of matt black, and then painted little white flowers on it.  The top surface has an urn of flowers, which matches the urn of flowers on the embroidered firescreen.  And of course, as my RL garden dried into dust, I consoled myself by making a Constance Spry-sque flower arrangement in a silver urn... so good things come in threes!

Next up was my seating problem.  I bought a beautiful sofa from Kris Compas last year, and had been on the look out for either matching or coordinating chairs from her.  As she doesn't do commissions, it's a case of "grab it if you like it"....and I was too slow to buy a beautiful rust-red crapaud chair, which would have been perfect.  Oh well.  Make do and make it yourself.  I had Jane Harrop chair kits in my stash from a long time ago, and went through my fabric stash and then my wardrobe to see if I could sacrifice anything.  A nice, light cotton paisley shirt got the chop!

I made a pair of chairs, though you can only see one in the photos... I think they go very well with the mid-blue, and although the print is a little big for this scale, I think it worked out ok. The colour is just so very cosy, and matches the portrait over the mantle, though I think to my horror that the carpet that I have been sewing for FOREVER may now not be the right colour....oh dear.

An ivory (plastic) Chinese figurine that I found in a brocante for 10 cents takes pride of place by the fireplace, and a globe just peeks out from the other side of the sofa... they add to the other Chinese and travel related items in the room which nod to my childhood in Hong Kong.

The grandfather clock is a place-marker for my dream mini - a working grandfather clock from Small Time day!

And yes, I still have a paper rug, but I promise you I'm working on it!



  1. It all looks wonderful...the room invites you to come and explore it and relax in it too, you created a rich atmosphere in it!

  2. you are doing such a great job Jonquil, and I really like that you paint all your paintings yourself, well done! And you are not serious about the colour in your carpet might not be the right one.... it has to be, just change everything else so it will be. Not to be funny, because I can understand how that must feel, that's an awful discovery about something that is too daunting to think about making, but you've been working on for so long now. I hope it works out somehow. I think the red is a great addition and brings the room in balance and together, I love the flower arrangement, very beautifully made!

  3. It is a beautiful room, and agree the touches of red really make it. You have a knack for setting out the accessories, which can be very difficult to do (I am struggling with that myself!). The room conveys a whole lot of character and so warm and cosy.

  4. Wonderful room .!! Compliments for your work ..!!

  5. Hi Jonquil! I am sorry to hear your RL garden has suffered so! But the up-side is all the lovely work you have accomplished! I LOVE your black painted table and your portraits are perfect for the room and era of the house. I agree that the red adds the right touch of contrast and warmth to the room. Most of us never manage to live a perfectly color-coordinated life... so rooms with a mix always feel warmer and more home-like to me! The details that you have added with the flowers and the statues are the sort of touches that add all the character to a room! I hope you decide that the carpet is worth finishing... and deciding about the colors afterward! Don't give up! As usual, I find your work to be very inspiring!

  6. Oh, and I LOVE it that you use your clothes for material too...! I am not the only one! LOL!!!

  7. This is such a Dreamy living room Jonquil! I have enjoyed everything about it. I love the color of the walls and your mix with the deep red was the perfect choice! But,if you are not sure about the color of the rug tying in, just make a throw cushion or two that match the color of the rug and your problem is solved. But I must agree with Betsy in that nothing has to match perfectly to be Beautiful! Your art work and the vase of Constance Spry roses are Incredible and compliment the painted table so well! I also believe that a little black in any room allows for the color components to really come alive. And as for the chair fabric, the sacrifice of your paisley shirt went to a Very Good Cause as you are still able to enjoy it whenever you visit this Most Enchanting Living Room!:D


  8. It looks very good, I like the paintings. It will be a lovely room

  9. Hello Jonquil,
    I am sad about your garden and especially the cypress tree. It is a shame! However, your mini work has never been better! The room is fantastic! The paintings are beautiful and look very inviting, even though the ancestors do look a little grim. The touch of red is perfect and works really well in the space. It is all very elegant and welcoming. great work!
    Big hug,

  10. Just when I settled down to respond to your previous post, up popped another one. I've been really bad at posting comments but have been reading. Your bed is just marvellous and you've caught the atmosphere perfectly. This room is lovely too. Everything co-ordinates so well and your little touches just make it so homely, especially the paintings. I envy your skill at doing these.

  11. The red is just gorgeous in that room! I love that little arrangement of paintings with the side table and chair, it is perfect. And I think the carpet works with the furniture. You can always add cushions or put something red on the shelves to pull the colors together more or change the paint colour, but not that beautiful carpet! ;-)