Friday, March 16, 2012

French Friday - Bringing snippets of French life to all you Francophiles!

On my way to work, I stopped at the pharmacy for some paracetamol - and realised just what a pretty building it is!


  1. It is a nice building and it's surprising what we pass everyday without actually seeing - especially if you look up!

  2. Yes indeed, it is a very nice building!In the world of making miniatures (I think) it is a matter of take a good look around you. There is so much beauty there ik only you can see it;)
    Can you take a photo of the parterre from this building if it is possible? I would appriciate that very much.
    Have a great weekend, Ilona

  3. Yes an attractive building indeed. Simple and understated, but with a slight air of grandeur. I particularly like the colour of the pharmacy frontage. Thanks for sharing the photo!

    Andy xx