Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Curtains à la Ray!

 I am not very good at following tutorial directions - something usually goes horribly wrong, and everything ends up as a sticky mess.  However, I was pleasantly surpried with the results of Ray's tutorial on curtain making.  Now, obviously, Ray is an absolute master and professional, but even my first attempt isn't so bad... although in the photographs I can see a million and one things to improve (especially the 'hang', it isn't quite right yet)  So merci mille fois  Ray for your tutorial and advice!

The secret weapon is hairspray!  Sadly, I couldn't get the recommended 'White Rain' here in France, but the local supermarket's bog-standard extra hold stuff did the trick - though I have to say I did inhale rather a lot, and it smelt awful...


  1. Yes, this is the first time I see on somebodies blog the tuto from Ray. I knew it already and it works very good. I think your first attempt is very well done! The hanging too, because sometimes the curtains are longer than they should be and then it looks this way.
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Well done on having a go - they look very good.

  3. I think they look very good...especially for the firsat attempt at a new technique. I love the fabric you chose! It looks beautiful in contrast to the floor. I think the hang is quite nice. One thing to keep in mind, pictures always show details that you don't see live. Also keep in mind that in miniature, if curtains hang too perfectly, it tends to ruin the "real" effect! I think they are lovely!

  4. Yo creo que te han quedado muy bien, se ven muy reales y esa banqueta queda genial.
    besito sascension

  5. Hello,

    I think your curtains look great, certainly very good for a first attempt at something. I tried pinning curtains once, and it's not easy! I like the way they gather slightly on the floor, and the colour is nice too.

    The lady in the video on John's blog (john-merrimanpark.blogspot.com) used a spray starch rather than hairspray, so that might be less 'polluting' when you spray it!

    kind regards

  6. Lovely!
    You did a wonderful job of making Draperies...
    I too love the way you have allowed them to gather on the floor. They make an excellent background for the lovely embroidery of your bench. Thank you for complementing my effort at sharing.
    Kindest regard from Ray

  7. Thanks for the kind comment everyone, they are, as ever, really encouraging! But of course, a big thank you to Ray, who takes the time and effort to produce such great tutorials, even if this follwer's attempts aren't the best!

    I'll let you know if I tackle the earring-back-tassel combo!