Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something Comfy

    Keeping with embroidery for the moment, I also finished off two cushions.  I want to be able to do smaller and smaller stitches, but have decided that I'll need to use floss instead of twist if I want to get smaller than these flowers.

    This pattern is the same one I drew for the reticule, but about twice the size.  I'm not fond of pink, but it seems it gets everywhere!

   My next problem is getting enough chairs to display the cushions on!


  1. These cushions are both beautiful, very fine work, my favourite is the second one, exquisite! Congratulations!

    Andy x

  2. I LOVE your needlework! Do you make your own designs?

  3. Thanks guys, I'm touched. I do draw my own designs, but I have to say I get a lot of inspiration from silk designs of the 18th century, like Anna Maria Garthwaite. You can see her designs on the Victoria and Albert Museum website. She's one of my heroines!