Thursday, February 23, 2012

Planning and thinking and sketching...

   Somedays it seems that I don't get anything productive done, but my sketch book proves this isn't the case!  I spend so much time scribbling and planning.  My latest dilemma is 'to build or not to build'.

   I have a very specific idea of the house I want to construct, but as I have NO woodworking skills, and even less tools, I wonder if I'd be better off buying a kit and 'kit bashing'.

  Daviot House will be a venacular Scots building from the mid 17th century - lots of stonework and whitewash, and quite asymmetrical. As you can imagine, it is really hard to find a kit that satisfies - most are symmetrical and Georgian/Victorian.  I've found one kit, the Manse house from DollsHouse Concept, that I am contemplating, but it involves building a stair tower and entrance way.  It also seems a bit small.

   Also, I'm having problems with the layout.  The rooms I want in the house are:

Linen Closet
Still Room

   The hall will double up as a dining area, as the house does not belong to the super wealthy, but a good family of modest means.  The main problem I find with kit houses is that the kitchen has to go on the ground floor, which is completely inauthentic.  I want the still room, linen closet and kitchen to be at the back of the house, behind the parlour and hall.  So I'll have to do a lot of kit bashing!

  So far, then, I'll just have to keep scribbling plans in my sketch book until I make up my mind!


  1. I'm anxious to see the next step. ;)

  2. You should send an email to Ted at Dolls House Concepts. He's a very obliging man. I have one of his properties and he customised it to suit my purposes.

    I like the idea of your modest Scots abode and will follow with interest.

    I hope you manage to get to a decision soon.

  3. Hello!
    I love your drawings in the sketch book. thew house looks lovely. As for to build or not to build...Dewell Manor is my first attempt at woodworking. Prior to this project I'd only built mini kithcne cabinets.
    The best advice I could give is, if you do decide to build from scrath, have someone cut the panels for you. I had each piece of the structure cut by the hardware store. This way, I was sure they would cut everything straight...the only limitation is that they only cut 90 degree angles.
    Cutting window, door and other openings is not very difficult. The only power tools I've used so far are a dremel and table saw.
    I actually enjoyed working from kits, I just didn't find one that could be bashed into my vision.
    Hope this helps, can't wait to see your project come to physical life. Remember, No Fear!

  4. I built my houses from plans in a book, It gives you more scope to alter things than a kit house might. I want to create a dolls house of my own design next, and have been thinking about room layouts the same as you have. I think it might be worth you looking at some dolls house fairs, if you can, to see just what is possible in 3D rather than from books, which are another useful tool of course, but you rarely get to see every angle of a house in a book. That said there are some really great kits out there too!

    this probably hasn't helped you much at all has it! lol! ;)

    Andy xx

  5. Thanks so much everyone for your advice! I have a lot of thinking to do, but hopefully I'll take the plunge soon. In the meantime, I'll just work on furnishings and keep reading everyone's blogs for sage advice and great tips!