Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Little Procrastination...

Obviously, just as I was finishing the Drawing Room, I suddenly started on the kitchen.  This is a fairly typical modus operandi for me, as I like to go where inspiration takes me, rather than planning to do things on certain days.  

Instead of getting to grips with the final upholstering of the sofa (which I know you are all awaiting with great anticipation ;D), I instead embarked on a project that has been on my list for a while.

I have a big birthday coming up in June, the big  FOUR -OH (dear), and I have a few items on my list of 'Things I would like to Achieve Before Hitting Middle Age'.  

Sadly for a miniaturist, I cannot make things well with wood.  I have tried little by little to improve on this, but things really came to crisis when I enlarged Daviot House (again) and found myself with a new kitchen to do.  This came with its own lines of thought - modern or old-fashioned?  Fitted or with individual furniture?  I wanted a quite timeless look, but traditional, and decided on fitted lower cabinets.  Oh help.  

Two years ago I bought a Dremel table saw which then sat on my work desk gathering dust.  Much to the disgust of my cat Edgar, who can't bear the noise, I started playing with it recently.  Here are my first attempts...

This is the kitchen, a nicely sized room.  I also have a scullery/pantry so I don't need to fit too many food cupboards or cleaning items in here.  I used cereal packets to give a rough idea to the size and shape of the cabinets I wanted.  The fireplace was made of foam board and DAS clay.

Then I made a big mess.  I collected the items that I wanted in the kitchen, to have an idea about the amount of counter top space I needed.  The cabinets on the right hand side will be a sink unit.  The (doorless) fridge is a card version of the final one I will make.

I started with the cabinet fronts, which I cut from 3mm lime wood.  The doors and drawers are totally fake; I used 1mm lime wood to make them.  As I get better, I fully intend to remake the cabinets with working drawers and doors, but this is just a first step.  So far,  not so many swear words...

The doors are painted in an ivory cream acrylic, and then sanded, then waxed with clear furniture wax.  Finally, I screwed in some brass handles that are actually model boat fittings.  They'll do for now.

I repeated the process on the corner cupboard.  The surface is made of 3mm lime wood that I painted with watercolours and then waxed and polished.  It has a really nice sheen to it.

I used the watercolour/wax combination on a wall shelf, and I'm thinking about adding a couple more above it.

Considering how fake they are, I think the cabinets do the trick for now.  And making them helped me get over my irrational fear of woodwork (which I think stems from a disasterous mug-tree I made as a girl at school, from which every single mug fell off and smashed).

I'm having a think about the cooker.  It is from the old kitchen, but I don't know if I will keep it, paint it or replace it just yet.

So at least it's a start.  I'll be making more cabinets, and if they aren't a huge disaster, I'll share them with you.  I'm also looking at lighting and flooring, so it may be a while before I finally do upholster that sofa!

Keep safe, well and mini-ing,


a big P.S:  I am having a terrible time leaving comments on blogger, both on your blogs, and even on my own to reply to your lovely comments.   I'm trying to work out why, but in the meantime, rest assured that I read them and am delighted to hear your feedback.

If anyone has any tips about why this happens on blogger, I'd love to hear from you too!  JQ


  1. Está quedando impresionante!!!

  2. Hi Jonquil! I love to work by inspiration rather than plan..... so I am applauding your progress! It looks really good to me! I have yet to complete any kitchens in any of my Dollhouses.... unless you count the Tree House 1:48 scale version.... so I am even more "phobic" than you about building cabinets!
    As for the comments problem, I have been having the same difficulty for about a year now... not so much other's blogs, but accessing my own comments! It is so frustrating! I have given up trying... and every now and then I do try and still have lots of trouble. If you learn anything useful, I would love to hear! Stay well, and keep making minis! (And "middle age" isn't so bad... I have crossed into "senior" and it keeps shocking me! :))

  3. I do believe that this is the THIRD kitchen I've had the privilege of enjoying in your Daviot HOuse, Jonquil and each transformation is as exciting as the last one! :D
    I admire your bravery in tackling cabinetry in miniature and they're definitely worth the effort you've put in because they've turned out GREAT!
    I love the colour combinations you've incorporated along with the general layout of the fittings and the roominess of the entire space, no doubt more in keeping of a ancestral house of this importance!
    And I remember turning 40! I was just about to have my second child soooo long ago but like Betsy's said so well: "I've crossed in to "senior and it keeps shocking me"- too! :D


  4. Unlike Elizabeth, I have not (yet) seen your previous kitchens but this is looking lovely . I love your colour palette, the cream cupboard fronts with the warm timber tops is just fabulous. There really is something really scary about cutting wood, isn't there? It looks to me as though you are getting on top of it though.
    Now I really do need to go hunting through your blog - this looks like a wonderful place to have landed.
    Anna (PS as per above - time after 'you-know-what' is really quite ok... like with your wood working, the anticipation before is more scary :))

  5. What a great start, it already looks wonderful. YOur cabinets are just perfect.

  6. I am so happy that you have conquered your fear of wood because you have tapped into a new vein of talent in which you will inspire many! The kitchen looks warm and inviting and spacious and as though many amazing meals will be prepared here! The arched stove alcove is going to be such an eye catching feature! I love that you are keeping options open to make working doors and drawers in the future. I think you will find the challenge very satisfying and one that you will look back on and say "it really wasn't as hard as I thought"!

  7. I love your cabinets! They look wonderful to me. I hope you have fun experimenting with more wood work.

  8. I love the kitchen even in its early stages. The cabinets work well and to be honest I always think of them as a background to a kitchen and not hugely important in themselves. let's face it we just need places to 'dress' in this game. I think your lovely aga type cooker would be lovely in a very dark green to compliment the cream cabinets and wood and brass and then just a couple of plants and green objects to pop here and there would be gorgeous. Keep up the good work. Pah, forty, you are just a spring chicken, bet you are still wondering what to do when you grow up ...... a miniaturist maybe?

  9. Your kitchen is fantastic and with many details.

  10. i love it, i too have a fear of wood but i wont get into that here have a great day