Thursday, December 29, 2016

Filling Up the Shelves

I thought I'd give you a closer look at the dresser in the kitchen.  The dresser was just a simple whitewood one, that I'm sure you recognise.  I think I got it from Matlock Miniatures (UK) - they always have good prices on their items. 

 I sanded it to death;  the problem with cheap whitewood furniture is that it is cheap, so you have to do a lot of prepwork to make it serviceable.  I added cherry red drawer knobs, and painted a little flourish of roses on the top.

 I don't know if I will keep this dresser, as it is a little generic, but saving money on it meant that I could spurge a little on the items to display, as Flaubert said, "Le bon Dieu est dans le détail"....

There's still room enough for more items, but for now there is quite a good selection of crockery; the teaset from Falcon minis that I painted, the chicken teapot and spotted mug from Duncan White.  I found a little cheese dish by Muriel Hopwood at Karon Cunningham miniatures, which I was very pleased with.  

The hen tureen was made by one of my favourite ceramicists, Rachel Williams, of V&R Miniatures, and the tiny little brown jug was from an Etsy seller.  In the jug and mug are a couple of items by Danny Shotton, and a tiny butter curler by St Leger.... more about the butter curler later..

The bowl was a wonderful find from Halasbasement on Etsy, one of three by potter Jerry Floor.  I have filled it with lemons, which I think go really well with the blue stripe.  It's a good 'pop' of colour to draw the eye to the back of the kitchen.

The 'pop' of lemon yellow is repeated in the bunch of bananas on top of the fridge, and both were made by a really talented miniaturist I discovered on Etsy, called Yulia Yakobson, in Estonia. 

 I started buying some Christmas cakes from her, and then fruit... her items are amazing, I highly recommend them.

Here is a selection of her fruit.....

The tiniest and perfect apples...

And a perfectly peeled tangerine!

The inhabitants of Daviot House will certainly be getting their five-a-day!



  1. I LOVE mini china and crockery and your kitchen shelf tour was thoroughly enjoyable! I love the fact that it is filled with an assortment of different kinds of pieces which gives it layers of interest and charm!
    Love the food items too!
    The peeled tangerines added such a unique and personal touch to the Christmas table in your last post, but then everything from the assorted cakes and the greenery all intermixed was a Delicious feast for the eyes. Thank you again Jonquil for inviting us into your mini home. I hope that you DO keep the dresser because it is absolutely PERFECT for your kitchen no matter what it cost. :D


  2. Cuantas cosas bonitas has colocado en la estantería! Ha quedado perfecta. Gracias por compartirla con nosotros. Feliz Año Nuevo 2017! Hugs

  3. I t all looks perfect!what you've done with the dresser is great and it meant you had money to spend on other pieces of eye candy. The fruits are incredible, thanks for the links, I'll check the, out later today.

  4. Hi Jonquil! The fruit is Amazing!!! Those tangerines are so perfect it is hard to believe they are minis! The Hutch looks wonderful with the crockery and china... you have been building a wonderful collection! And it is always great to have little brown mugs for holding those tiny utensils!!! :)
    Have a Happy New Year!

  5. Hello Jonqui! Good cupboard and delicate painted flowers. Particularly striking wonderful dishes and fruit. I love these tiny objects. They transform toy house into a real home.
    Happy New Year!

  6. You have a beautiful collection of accessories and the dresser is perfect to display them. You did a very good job with the dresser. I love the tangerines.

  7. Happy New Year, Jonquil. That little dresser fits the space perfectly and it's nice to see all the little accessories in detail. I especially like the bowl of lemons and your vase of flowers on the fridge.

  8. Hello Jonquil,
    The hutch does not look cheap at all. You finished it beautifully and accessorized it to perfection. It really stands out. The fruit you purchased is amazing...I will have to look that up.
    Big hug