Monday, September 14, 2015

One Thing Leads to Another, and another, and another...

Back from holidays, and the plasterers have finally been in, finishing off the ceiling of the hall.  Plain off-white, it makes the space seem much larger than it is.

The door at the back on the left hand side always bothered me.  There was something too final and restrictive about it, rather than enigmatic, and was also a bit redundant, as it was supposed to be a doorway into an imaginary kitchen... which is now a real kitchen to the left of the hall.

There was also the problem of the imaginary stairs, so I thought I would resolve it by getting rid of the door, and making the beginnings of a staircase.  I added some light by putting in a stained glass window with the family crest, and I think it finishes off the hall well.

But where does the staircase lead?

To this delightful mess above the kitchen!  I normally post photos when I have completed a room, or it looks passable, but I thought this time I'd treat  you to a glimpse of the disasters which I start off with... this room was done all day Sunday, though the theme is 'Make do Monday' - I only used things that I had to hand...

First, wooden floor boards - nothing too, too fancy for Daviot House, but just lovely, good quality wood...

Wide lolly sticks and foam board to make a book case and steps...

Now a doorway and chimney...

Some cornicing...

A little white paint job and floor wax...

A ceiling, stonework and a light source...

And we start to get the makings of a little library above the kitchen!  So that's where the stairs go!


I just have to make a lot more books now!

Thanks as ever for your interest and your comments, they are, it goes without saying, most appreciated,



  1. Wow, what a lovely wee room! I love seeing the 'making of' rooms and how we start with basic boxes and turn them into something special. Just lovely!
    All the best

    1. Thanks Vivian,
      I do like the process of turning cardboard and wood into a little world... I still have a lot to finish off in this room, but it seems to have just happened quite quickly!

  2. What a great room with so much character. I love how a room or house developes and this was no exception! The book shelves are lovely and I like the corner fireplace.
    Best wishes

  3. I love what you did in the hall with the hint of stairs and the window. Also the library is looking great. I love the ceiling.

  4. Muy interesante ver como se ha ido desarrollando esa preciosa sala.

  5. Oh, I LOVE your little library, Jonquil!!! It is so beautiful and serene.... It looks cozy and warm from the hearth and the kitchen warmth from below! Your house has such wonderful "lines" with the corner fireplaces and the hidden stairs! I Love spaces that draw me in and make me want to explore! Wonderful work!!!

  6. This is wonderful! Not pretentious, but elegant! That window with the crest is perfect over the stone steps. The chair that you embroidered is also a knock out! Seeing the work in progress is really interesting, as I'm not crafty. Hugs from Texas!

  7. Gosh, you make it look so simple. Your measurements had to be correct and everything needed to fit just right. Excellent work!

  8. Your library already loooks fantastic, I love its structure.

  9. Hello jonquil,
    The new library is lovely. What a charming room. It's proportions make it very cozy and welcoming! I love the bookcase frames by the fireplace and the door. It is a lovely room. Removing the door and opening it up to that lovely staircase and wonderful stained glass window was a terrific idea. It is such an amazing house! Keep up the great work!
    Big hug,

  10. Just amazing. You make it all look and sound so simple - first you need the vision - my initial stumbling block - then your perfect execution. Brava!

  11. I LOVE IT! I love cosy rooms and this one is both cosy and Bright! What magic you have been able to accomplish within this space and not only that, with the removal of the door downstairs and the addition of a secret stairwell leading up to this library... So Clever and the finish is Lovely!!!
    I also like the addition of the stained glass with the family crest which equals = WOW FACTOR
    Way to go Jonquil! :D


  12. Fantastic Hallway and Library and a really good idea to inset the stained glass. Don't you just love foamboard!! You must have a really interest stash of bits, being able to create that room from what you had.

  13. That looks wonderful Jonquil! I don't know how it looked before, with the door, but it makes a lot of sense what you've done. And it all looks so realistic and how I would imagine it to look. The whole room downstairs is georgous by the way! And the one above the kitchen too, I also love that you've got rid of the corners, gives it a lot of extra character.

  14. What a lovely surprise to see that little stairwell leading up to the little library! It all looks wonderful. And all that work in just one day? Well, maybe not the stairwell, but the room...
    The stairwell and the window (love that as well) add so much more interest to the room as it is indeed now not final but leading the eye and imagination somewhere.

    Lots to catch up on here on your blog I see!

  15. Hi there Jonquil,

    I love this little room. It was great to see your process and decisions along the way, thanks for posting those! I also love that is great the way that you fooled the eye!