Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It All Started When...

It all started when a little voice piped up 'But where is the kitchen, Mummy?' ... criticism indeed from a four-year-old, and quite right too, for Daviot House doesn't have a kitchen.  

I didn't really want to do a kitchen when I started planning - it always bothered me that kitchens in dollshouses were never in the right places, unless you had a huge basement to house them in.  I thought the hint of a kitchen through a doorway would be enough, but apparently not.  There NEEDS to be a kitchen!

This is the extension that I hacked from a Dollshouse Emporium tower kit ages ago... its intended purpose was to contain a staircase... but then, why have a staircase when you can use all of that space for a kitchen and a study above?  (Though I know the next enquiry from my hard-to-please critics will be, 'but where are the stairs, Mummy'.....  and that'll open the next can of worms)

And then, much like what happened with the dining closet, things just seemed to fall into place - I plastered the walls and painted them a nice old cream, finally used some of my DAS terracotta clay as floor tiles (though I still need to grout them), and objects just started to want to be put in the room...

A little basket of roses...

a lovely, old rolling pin...

A tiny picture of a sail boat ...

Things do seem to be coming together, slowly, but it is a start.

And thanks to the talented hands of Elizabeth, I also have other things for my kitchen, which I will post about whenever I find my camera charger! 



  1. Thank God for our little critics. LOL They keep up in line. Personally I like what I see!

  2. Es estupendo que hayas decidido hacer una cocina.

  3. I love the beginnings of your little kitchen Jonquil, and I am so glad to see that your getting some real use out of some of my kitchen gadgets too! :D
    I have to commend you on the clever incorporation of the tower kit as an extension to your Daviot House, because now you have LOTS of Room to play and mini cook in. Plus, I am very happy that it is not just a hint of a kitchen either, but a "Full On" one, which is good thing because the kitchen is ALWAYS the Heart of Every Home. :) Love the floor tiles. I have never used DAS but I am now quite curious about it.
    Eagerly awaiting the next episode of" Daviot Kitchen Part 3".
    How Exciting!!! :D


  4. Hello Jonquil,

    I'm happy the little one made the comment because the kitchen is fantastic. The floor is wonderful and I love the wall finish. It is such a warm, welcoming kitchen. Excellent work!
    Big hug,

  5. This is a great start for your kitchen. Your little one was right to ask about the kitchen,.

  6. I agree with Genevieve - the little people aren't daft, are they? They get their priorities right! The kitchen is just perfect and I like the little bowl of flowers sitting behind the rolling pin. That's a nice touch.

    I suppose creating a kitchen saves you the trouble of having to work out how to create a staircase!

  7. I think your child is completely correct! There Must be a kitchen!!! And I have discovered that all my houses Must have stairs! (Even if they are almost invisible in the walls!) I think the way it is coming together so painlessly means it was there in your heart! The details you have shown are beautiful and warm and inviting.... just the way a kitchen should feel!

  8. Kids and drunks always tell you the truth I never dared say anything about it ;-) Just kidding of course, I had not even noticed there wasn't a kitchen. But your children are right! And kitchens are so much fun to look at. Well at least I think so. What you have done so far fits in beautifully with the rest of the house. Are your critics pleased as well?

  9. Lovely! I wouldn't worry about the stairs, can't wait to see the grouted tile work, the das clay works really well. The sailboat picture is delightful!

    P.s. Are you from Northern Ireland, I thought you were Scottish? It's lovely to think you've been to Cultra, some of the interiors of the buildings reminded me of your dollshouse.

  10. Love the new kitchen, great use of the space, and the stairs can go between the house and the extension ;) I like kitchens in dolls houses, but agree they are sometimes in places you wouldn't have really seen them. Your kitchen works a treat!

  11. I love your minis, they are darling!

  12. The kitchen will be Beautiful. I very like your roses and wall. Wow!!!