Saturday, December 27, 2014

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, here is a little post to show you recent developments at Daviot House... enjoy!

A new porch at the front gives the house more substance, though the glazier needs to be called to fit new windows in the turret!

The warm lights invite us inside from the cold...

But before we go in, let's have a look at the garden, where signs of Spring are just beginning to show...

The back wall is awaiting its fountain...

The dining closet is in desperate need of some doors!

It looks much warmer inside - shall we go in?

That's better...  would you like to have a seat in this chair?

Or perhaps on the knowle sofa?  I wish the owners would call in the plasterers for the ceiling...2015 will be a year of DIY...

... but the lady of the house will insist on spending money on her blue and white china!  Here's a new bowl by Muriel Hopwood.

And here's a vase by Muriel Hopwood, this time filled with tulips

Perhaps you would like to sit in this armchair, and drink a hot cup of tea

Or perhaps you'd prefer to relax on the sofa?  Where ever you decide, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and a Happy New Year,