Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pretty as a Picture

Here's a puzzle - is this desk miniature or real life?

Yes, it's real life, taken with the miniature function on my camera... the desk is my new miniatures work desk I got for my birthday last week, and I am very pleased with it - it closes up nicely, so hwever much mess I make, I can quickly close it and everything looks nice and tidy!  

The oil portrait is of my late grandmother, and I love the colours.  I'm thinking of painting a miniature version for Daviot House, as recently I have been painting pictures a lot...

This is a portrait for the hall, I used watercolours and then mod podged it to get the textural effect of oils.  I had been inspired to try gilding by a post by Josje, and found a resin frame on Etsy (my source for pretty much everything these days!)

It was great fun, and I can see the sudden mania for gilding everything!  I managed to restrain myself, as Daviot House is a fairly modest establishment... I think she looks good against the walnut panelling that I have been working on (thank you Giac!).  A coat of antique wax toned down the brightness, and gave the frame a good aged patina.

... and of course, Lady Flora Ogilvy needed her husband by her side, Sir Alexander MacGillivray, in a matching gilded frame!

And here are some of the items I have completed for the hall - the tapestry on the wall and the marl stone flooring.  I am still working on the panelling and the fireplace, so bear with the wonky gaps!

I love the composition, especially with the absolutely beautiful casket made by Tony of Miniature Treasures, it really makes the room.  I am very close to finishing the stumpwork mirror, and I can't wait to see the room completed.

Painting the portraits was such fun that I started to repaint all of the paintings in Daviot House...

And this 1834 lady is perhaps my favourite...



  1. Ciao! Mi piace il tuo angolino minis col ritratto della nonna, non so come tu faccia a fare tutto in un angolo così piccolo! Sono incuriosita da questa nuova stanza in miniatura per Daviot e trovo che l'ultimo ritratto sia molto interessante, dovresti proporli anche nel tuo Etsy Shop! A presto! :-)

    1. Ciao caro Blanche, vi ringrazio tanto - la foto della scrivania è solo un effetto speciale fotocamera, è automatico sulla mia macchina fotografica.

      Idea interessante da offrire quadri nel mio negozio - io penserò!

      Spero che tu stia bene,



  2. Creo que se te ha dado muy bien la pintura . Los cuadros quedan geniales

  3. Hi Jonquil.
    I LOVE your lovely new desk!! Doesn't it match the chair well (I'm guessing you had the chair already?). I really couldn't tell the picture was RL size though. How clever. I can barely take pictures with my phone, never mind a miniature setting!
    Your paints are great and I totally think you should make one of your late Grandmother's portrait.

  4. Hello Jonquil,
    I wish I had your talent with a paintbrush! Your artwork is beautiful and looks very realistic. Also, great job no the gilding. It looks stunning. congratulations on the lovely desk. How great it must be to hide everything by flipping a panel! And I must say, the paneling looks terrific. I love the composition you came up with. Bravo! The glimpse of the room is fantastic.
    big hug,

  5. That is really weird, because I took a photo of my fireplace using the miniature function on my new tablet last week and thought it was difficult to tell the difference. Made me wonder are any of us just taking photos of our real houses :D Your paintings are gorgeous, I think 1834 lady is my favourite, but that might be because I like her hair style. Agree with you about the gilding addiction potential!

    Sarah x

  6. talented! The paintings are lovely. Never knew there was such a camera setting - got to go and look at various bits of kit now! Marilyn

  7. Hi Jonquil! Your new work desk is an absolute must for you as a great miniaturist/embroiderer, so enjoy your extra work space :D!
    These paintings are beautiful, I love the painting of the 1834 lady too.
    The walnut panelling is a wonderful background for your paintings in the house.
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Taking a picture of a life size object with the miniature setting is so clever! I should try it!!

  9. Well, I have to say your elegant work desk is a step up from my piece of plywood laid atop two wood horses! It's just beautiful and BTW, Happy Birthday! I LOVE the portraits, large and small and I must say that gilded frames look especially divine against dark wood paneling. Thanks for the treat!


  10. Hi Jonquil! Your paintings are Beautiful and the Walnut paneling is Gorgeous! I need to try gilding someday.... it certainly makes your frames stand out!
    I think your new work desk is Lovely... My problem is I stuff my desk too full and the lid won't close properly! LOL! I think your Grandmothers portrait is beautiful and I love the idea of a mini one! It is wonderful to see more of Daviot House!

  11. It's nice to see you back and being creative once again. I had no idea there was such a thing as a "miniature" setting on a camera - like Marilyn I'll be checking it out. I defintely think you should create your Grandmother's portrait - it would be a lovely item to have and to do.

    I hope the wedding preparations are coming along well and I'm about to catch up with your previous post so will probably appear there too!

  12. Hi Jonquil, that miniature function on your camera sounds Fab! Love the efect it gives, the portrait of your grandmother in the first picture is beautiful. Such an gracefull pose.
    Hug AM

  13. Questi quadri sono molto belli.
    Perfetti quelli appesi ai lati del caminetto.

  14. Hello Jonquil! I am so happy to see you back once again and your new Birthday desk is sooo pretty! The room itself appears serene and the quiet portrait of your grandmother Should Be miniaturized. Your other artwork showcases your wonderful talent with the paintbrush but your talents with the needle is quite Unsurpassed. I eagerly await the up-date on your miniature stumpwork. It will be in very good company with all of your other Magnificent creations.:D


  15. I was almost certain I was looking at a miniature! Isn't the mind a funny thing!? The desk looks like a very fine place to make miniatures upon. I love all your other pictures too!

    Andy x