Friday, June 20, 2014

And she's back.....

Hi everyone,

well that was the longest break from blogging - a six-month haitus - but I do have a good excuse, planning a wedding drained quite a lot of my time and energy as you can imagine!  I also took some time to work on my miniatures without being near a computer, so that I could catch up on a lot of things that needed done.  There will be more surprises soon.  I'm starting back after the break with the exterior of Daviot House, which I have worked on a lot recently.  Lots of DAS clay!

A lilac branch has suddenly turned into a small cherry tree...

And a sprig of dried thyme became a windswept shrub ....

And here is the front of the house so far...

The roof still needs a lot of work, and I am in the process of creating the chimneys.  On the right hand side you can just about see the edge of a turret. I'll show you that when I've finished the infernal DAS-ing!  

In the meantime, here is a 'before' shot taken in June 2012, just to remind you how it all started...


  1. It looks amazing! I am amazed that you did all this work while planning a wedding. The small cherry tree infront of the house give the whole scene a certain je ne sais quoi... it adds a little life to the house. Can't wait to see the inside.
    Hug AM

  2. Welcome Back, Jonquil! I LOVE the before and after shots... it really makes it obvious how much work you have put in! The house looks Fantastic! I LOVE the lilac branch "cherry tree"!!! I am wondering about making mini trees and shrubs... and the steps necessary... but using a real branch seems like such a great idea! I look forward to seeing more!!!

  3. Bentornata Jonquil! Ti ho pensata ogni tanto. Sono felice per te dell'avvenuto matrimonio. Daviot House è diventata molto bella! Avevi progettato un ingresso esterno, ma forse ha abbandonato il progetto! Trovo che così sta benissimo lo stesso. A presto! Sono proprio contenta che sei ritornata sul blog! :-)

  4. You're excused for not posting so long ;-) A wedding is pretty special! I'm lucky to catch your first post as I have been absent a lot from blogger as well, just being busy with other things.
    The house looks great. The clay stone work makes it stand out, what a difference to what you started with! The plants make it come alive.
    I hope to see an update on your beautiful stumpwork mirror surround soon!

  5. Welcome back, Jonquil. Daviot House looks beautiful!

  6. Se te echaba de menos, ha pasado mucho tiempo. La fachada se ve preciosa, y el detalle del torreón estoy deseando verlo al completo.

    ¡Un abrazo enorme!

  7. Welcome back!
    The house is amazing. I like the details.

  8. Welcome back, Jonquil! A wedding takes a lot of time....
    The house looks great, I love your DAS-ing work, well done!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. Hi Jonquil! I was just visiting you a few days ago just to see if you were back and now here you are! Hooray!!! I love the cherry tree and the wind-swept plants by the door. I think that they visually soften the entry. Your stone window and door trims are also quite wonderful. I know that this method is labour intensive but the way this is looking makes it all worth while.
    I hope the wedding went without a hitch and looking forward to seeing what else you have been up to.:D


  10. Lovely to see a post from you! It's absolutely gorgeous, I love the white walls with the stonework! Beautiful work! I know you're a Scot in France, and I know the house is Scottish, but it looks like someone has taken a 17th Century Scottish house and transplanted it into the lovely climate of southern France, which I suppose is what has happened! It definitely has a French-esque styling vibe . Forget about worrying about keeping up with blogging Jonquil, work away on the house, it's more important, plus I want to see more :D x

  11. What an absolute transformation from standard to amazing. The work is perfection and the imagination behind it inspired. I wish I had a tenth of your talent. It is lovely.

  12. Sounds like you deserved a break! We all need to take one sometimes. What a wonderful house, such a transformation from the basic structure you started with. It's true to say that the magic of miniatures is in the detail, and you have certainly work some magic here!


  13. Great to see you back! I was on hiatus, too, but because of such an exciting reason as you --best wishes! Your latest project is quite charming, Jonquil. Hope to see more, soon!

  14. Hello jonquil,
    It is wonderful to have you back! You have been missed! The house is looking just beautiful. It is incredibly well done and the finishes are superb. Bravo! I hope the wedding was everything you hoped it to be...and more.
    Big hug,

  15. Thank you so much everyone! It is such a delight to come back to such amazing and supportive comments, and they ñotivate ñe to show you all of the other things that I have been up to recently!

    much love


  16. I have just discovered your blog, and so looking forward to reading it all. You have a lovely house and I can't wait to see more.
    All the best

  17. Welcome back! The exterior of your house is really amazing, beautiful work. I admire your work so much.