Sunday, October 6, 2013

Some Luck and Unfinished Business...

What a wonderful way to start October!  I couldn't quite believe it but I was the ridiculously lucky winner of Tony's casket from Miniature Treasures.  I nearly fell off my chair when I found out!

Isn't it just wonderful?  And it goes so well with the Renaissance table from Master's Miniatures.

Such attention to detail, and the ivory and horn give it such a satisfying weight, which I always think is important in miniatures.

I love the luxurious brass detailing, but the best part is the secret inside....

...A 17th century button!  I love the liliputian aspect - I can imagine the inhabitants of Daviot House staring in wonder at this giant button... and I like to think about who wore it all those years ago...

To have such a treasure as this means that I am going to revamp the hall to house it.  I was very stuck with the hall over the summer - nothing quite fitted or worked, and this lovely gift has given me a few ideas to improve the hall.  It has also inspired me to get on with some unfinished business!

I have various embroideries in various states of completion, and as I've been working on a few commissions recently, I have less time to dedicate to them.  One style of embroidery that I love is stumpwork, specifically from the 17th century.  I have given myself the challenge of making a stumpwork mirror, which were very popular at the time.  You can see more examples of stumpwork mirrors at Needleprint

It's only the very beginning, but I think you can see where I am going with this.

 The design measures about 5cm by 4cm

I'm quite pleased with this dapper man, he looks very proud in his boots and whiskers!  He is about 1cm tall.

And so to more unfinished business for the hall.  Do you remember my plan to embroider chair backs for the hall back in, ooooh, December?  Well, here is my VERY SLOW progress!

The design is about 4cm high, still needs a lot of work and is impossible to photograph well!  Hopefully it won't take me until next December to complete it...



  1. Congratulations on your beautiful piece from Tony, it looks perfect on your table.

    Oh, Jonquil, the mirror is going to look awesome, it is also something I have been thinking of making. Wish I could see it for real, hopefully sometime in the future we can succeed at meeting one another.

    The chair back looks great too!

  2. Congratulations on winning that beautiful box. He will be so please to hear how it has inspired you too.
    Your embroidery is lovely. I always love to see what you are working on and how you are using it.

  3. Congratulations on winning Tony's Box! I Love it when the Treasure goes to the "Right" home! I think your home is perfect for it!
    Your idea for a Stumpwork mirror frame is Extraordinary!!! And your stitching is Unbelievably beautiful!!! It reminds me I have to finish the embroidered curtains I started for my 1:48 scale bed..... a ways to go ... but at least they are"small" LOL!
    I love seeing the progress on your house... it is always so elegant and "refined"!

  4. Well done guys, it looks beautiful. And the tabes just perfect.
    Your sewing is coming along so well, you've got such a talent.
    Have a great week

  5. Congratulations on winning the gorgeous give away from Tony, enjoy! It is so lovely to read you're inspired by this box and you're back into miniatures again! Your embroidery work is lovely, Jonquil! It is incredible, so small!
    Amicalement, Ilona

  6. Congratulations for your gorgeous win! You found a wonderful piece of furniture to display it on.
    Your embroidery is fantastic.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. Un dono perfetto tra cose meravigliose! Mi piacciono i tuoi nuovi progetti, sarà bello vedere i progressi.

  8. Hi Jonquil! Your new casket is Stunning on the wonderful little table that you are showing it on! What a masterpiece; both of them! And not only that, but the embroidery that you are currently stitching is MARVELOUS! The stitches are soooo tiny and the colors are incredible. What a great pleasure to watch the progress of this embroidery; Thank you for showing it!


  9. Hello Jonquil,
    Congratulations! it is a beautiful prize and I think you deserve it! I do not know what else to say about your embroidery? It is absolutely incredible and the detail you manage to make...and make so well...just leaves me in awe. Beautiful work.
    Big hug,

  10. El regalo es una preciosidad. Y tu bordado ¿ cómo puedes hacerlos con esas medidas? ¡Vaya vista !

  11. Congratulations for your wonderful win.
    Greetings, Faby

  12. Your elegant embroidery will be a charming foil to your wonderful, new prize. How lucky! I am constantly amazed by your fanciful, superb needlework.

  13. Beautiful and very inspiring!
    gr. AM

  14. Congratulations on your marvellous win - you lucky girl!

    I'm very impressed with the current project. I'd never heard of or seen stumpwork before.

  15. Hi Jonquil,
    Great to see the casket in its new home it looks perfect on the renaissance table and the design of your stumpwork mirror also matches the pair perfectly. Look forward to seeing more updates.

  16. Congratulations! And I most say I love that first embroider! Hannah

  17. Amazing embroideries and how wonderful the mirror will look behind the casket, love the chair embroidery too, so fine.