Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Fun Giveaway!

Hello everyone,

What a big break I've had!  I wish I could say I spent it on a tropical island, but sadly no .... after a LOT of work stress in June and other things, I finally had a little bit of a burn out, and my creativity flew out of the window.  I had to have a very big rest, and it has taken me two months to get back to creating.

But never fear, I have been creating!  

It has been such a lovely feeling to come back to my blog and see that I now have 200 followers.... a long way from the first (thank you Josje), and although I don't do this blog for the popularity stakes, I do really, really appreciate every one of my followers.  

So, a little giveaway is in order, n'est-ce pas?   But not your average giveaway, a little game.  (I have spent a long summer with my toddlers, can you tell?)  Here are two photos of the Daviot House parlour.  The first was taken a year ago, the second, today.  

To enter the competition, you should leave a comment telling me how any new things you can see ( you don't need to list them, a number will do!)  It's a bit like guessing the number of beans in the jar, but hopefully slightly more satisfying!  The competition will end on the 1st of September.

The person who spots the correct number of differences will win the giveaway - which is a surprise!

                                          Have fun



  1. Hey Jonquil
    Love the game giveaway, I'll have to make a cup of tea and start counting...
    Great to see you Posting again

  2. Hi Jonquil, what a great game! I'll have a go with 56 new, taken away 7. Of course I counted the individual books, I tried with the flowers but gave up. I almost forgot to count the most obvious and biggest, the rug :) Hope you can tell I am taking this very seriously!

    It's a lovely lived-in room now! Amazing how your lighting makes a huge difference too!

  3. Welcome back, I know how you felt, running out of oomph, I do it regularly! Your room looks fabulous, so many new pieces of furniture. I will say 24, but I may change my mind.

  4. Hello, Jonquil! I'm glad you're okay now! I'm ready to celebrate your deserved this goal, but it is very difficult to respond immediately to your quiz-giveaway. You added, you took, you moved it. I can not give me a cup of tea, given the high temperatures, but I will try to answer sipping a tall glass of iced tea with ice. :-D
    Meanwhile, put the link. See you soon!

  5. Hello Jonquil,
    It is wonderful to see a new post and I am so happy you are doing better. I am glad you took the time to recuperate. I counted 27 items but am sure there are more. You take care and I cannot wait to see what you have been up to.
    A great big hug,

  6. Es un salón precioso .
    Me voy a arriesgar y diré que hay 24 diferencias .
    Aunque no acierte he disfrutado observando
    Besos .

  7. Hello Jonquil,

    What fun!! I have been sitting here with a cup of tea comparing photos and i must say at first it's easy picking the obvious items, then trying to distinguish china in the cabinet and on the shelves is a little more difficult. I am counting the flowers as a bunch not as individual items assuming you bought them as one item???My guess is 49 but I have a feeling I have missed some books, I may have to go back and count again.....; )

    ML Fi xx

  8. Oh, and I forgot to add the room looks beautiful, lots of ambience, I would happily spend the evening listening to the gramophone and sipping cherry by the fire.

    AND, you have been very busy collecting.....


  9. Uh uh, that's a tricky one. I would just guess and say 36. I'm not a very patient person, lol.
    This room has a lovely feel to it.

  10. What a cozy room! I counted 22? Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your surprise giveaway!

  11. I counted 26, but I'm little dismayed as I wasn't sure if I should count every little individual thing or if I should count some sets of things as one thing (ie the books, there are new ones. Do I count each individual book or do they count as one new thing). Either way, the rooms looks lovely and I'm glad you're back to creating.

  12. Congratulations for your 200, soon to be many more, followers. I counted over 30 and lost patience.
    Will put your link on my blog.
    Hugs, Drora

  13. Hello Jonquil,

    Good to hear you've had a good rest, it's very much needed sometimes!

    Anyway, nice to have you back. I think I have counted 49-50 new items in the room, I can't quite make out the items in the display cabinet (new!!) or which books are the old ones! so I'm going to say 49-50, it's rather fun taxing the old brain like this! and straining the eyes!! ;o)

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter your give away!!

    Andy xxx

  14. Felicidades por tus 200 seguidores. Yo conté 19 diferencias. Espero tener suerte. gracias, un abrazo Ana (mucuy)

  15. New follower, I counted 67
    hoffat at gmail dot com

  16. Hello Jonquil, Your room is a real beauty! I submit 34 as the number of changes! I hope I am right! Thank you for the challenge!


  17. Hello!! Thanks very much for this lovely giveaway!!
    I would like to participate on it. I see 29 differences.
    I put your link on my blog.
    Kisses from Italy

  18. Hi Jonquil, nice to know I was your first follower, I didn't remember that!
    Well, as for your little contest, that was pretty hard. I did loose track of what I was counting several times...but I am going for 73 ;-) I am probably way off, haha, but it did give me some time to study your room and all the lovely things you have collected and made so far.

    I love your header photo with the ivory and silks and your beautiful fire screen!

  19. Such a beautiful room..I can only guess how amazing your prize will be...please include me in your giveaway. I guess over 51 changes. Thank you so much. Mini hugs

  20. Ciao Jonquil, rieccomi qui, pronta a rispondere, o quasi.....Ho notato alcune modifiche importanti, ma è un po' difficile contare i libri aggiunti, perché la luce nella stanza è soffusa, e non sono sicura delle suppellettili aggiunte nel curio, perché alcune le avevi già. Io dico 66....ma quante cose....anche se non è il numero esatto, sono veramente tante. Complimenti!

  21. Hi Jonquil, I really had missed you! I am so sorry to read you had a burn out, I hope you are well now? You have a busy life with your kids, so take good care for yourself, dear friend!
    Regarding your fun give away: it kept me busy for some time and I had much fun in looking into this gorgeous room. But also because I really love riddles like this. I also lost the number of changes and I have the same questions like the others, so let's guess there are 56 changes?? I would love to participate in your fun give away, Jonquil, and I wish you all the best! Take care!
    Amicalement, Ilona

  22. Such fun seeing the changes and I think there might be 47, but it's guessing and a lot of fun. Can't wait to see the correct answer.

  23. Es complicado, muy complicado. Realmente hay un montón de cosas nuevas, otras cambiadas de sitio, alguna creo que desaparecidas (o al menos no las veo yo en la segunda foto). Voy a fiarme de la suerte y tirar una moneda al aire. Y el número de cosas nuevas es...... 67.

  24. The "new" room is wonderful
    I count 37 new things... I put the link on my blog.
    Bye, Faby

  25. Ufff, que dificil, muchas cosas nuevas, te digo 35 cosas nuevas?
    Pongo tu enlace en mi blog!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  26. I guess 47, this was hard =) But fun!! I really like the additions you have made, the room looks great, before it looked good, but now its even better =)

  27. Oi Jonquil, parabéns pelos mais de 200 seguidores.
    Bem, eu percibi que você mudou a foto na parede em cima da lareira e também retirou objetos da segunda estante, creio que houve mais de 22 acrescimos.
    Um abraço, Fernanda
    Estou levandoe divulgando seu sorteio em meu blog e venha participar do sorteio que eu estou fazendo também.

  28. Hi Jonquil, once again I am out and about in blog land .... This is a sure sign that those of us in the higher Northern Latitudes will begin to notice the days shortening and feel ready to return to our hobbies.
    Just wanted to say it was a great idea to show us the development of your house from one year ago. The rooms are certainly taking on character.
    All the best.