Friday, May 10, 2013

Spot the Difference...

First of all, thank you SO much for all your lovely comments - I really appreciate them, and it was great to get back to blogging with such a response!  I will try if possible to reply to them, I am always time restricted, and recently my boys' nap time has diminished dramatically, so less precious time for mini-ing!

The above photo is of the bedroom as I left it in the last post... let's play a game of spot the difference! (can you tell I have been hanging out with two and a half year olds?)

Here's the bedroom after a couple of additions....

That's right, bedhangings!  Sadly not my beautiful embroidered silk ones, they are going through a research process at the minute... but I thought that I couldn't leave the bed bare in the meantime, and made some quick drapes and a top sheet. 

The lace on the sheet was kindly given to me by Elga - thank you! - and is pure cotton.  This is important, as it drapes and folds well when I use my 'draping and folding' technique.  It's made with the same method that I used for the valance tutorial here.  Sitcky and messy, but very quick.

That's not all.... look carefully, and you will see that I finished the bedroom chair!

This is my latest adventure in upholstery... I have quite a lot to learn about getting the fabric very taut and tight on the edges without getting glue everywhere.  It is a little tricky, because when I embroider something, it takes so long that any mistakes in the upholstering process have to stay, I can't just rip it off and start fresh with new fabric.  So it is quite daunting...

I think it came out ok.  I made some edging cord with silk button thread, and I think I will have to invest in a crazy-corder!

Here's the close up - quite a bright palette of colours, but I didn't want the bedroom to get too yellow, and I think this flower combination gives it a little 'pop' of colour.

And now I need your help!  Does anyone know where I can get a monterey birdcage kit that will ship to Europe for a reasonable sum?  I have tried a few places, but they either only send to the US, or the shipping is exhorbitant for such a small thing!  Or if you have any other ideas for similar birdcages, I would love to know...



  1. Everything looks great. I love seeing your embroidery.
    Here is a link to Earth & Tree. They will ship to you.

    The page with the bird cage on it is here...

  2. I like your elegant chair.
    Bye, Faby

  3. Me encanta es una preciosidad, y el bordado es una maravilla.
    Un abrazo.

  4. Un bordado muy alegre. Queda muy bien en la silla

  5. Jonquil, your embroidery work is so delicate and beautiful. This room looks more beautiful now. The chair looks great, allthough you say it is quite daunting to see the result.
    I am afraid I can't help you with the bird cage, I am sorry.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. I love this project so much - it is delightful :)

  7. What a difference Jonquil! I very much like the drapes, they add so much! And the sheet on the bed, so natural. Your chair is beautiful, I can understand how difficult that must have been and especially knowing it had to be good in one go. But you did a great job!

  8. I like your chair and the birdcage too!

  9. Hi Jonquil, love your room, I saw a birdcage kit here,
    Couldn't see a price, postage should be fairly low. Good luck.

  10. Hello Jonquil,
    I swear I want to go spend a few days in that room. It is so beautiful and so well done! Even thought they are temporary the curtains already look fantastic! The chair is fantastic. You know I think you are one of the best needle workers in miniland! Your work always delights me! I wish I could help with the birdcage. In the past I have only seen them on ebay.
    Big hug,

  11. Hi Jonquil,

    The chair looks beautiful, a great piece of embroidery and of upholstery too! The room is quite transformed by the bed hangings too!

    Lovely to see this room developing, I love spot the difference!!! ;)

  12. Hi Jonquil
    I'm with Giac, I could read a book in that room for hours!
    ANother wonderful room, and I love the way you mix the tones and colours of objects - it looks so real and effortless.
    Much love
    Simon x

  13. Hi Jonquil,
    Your room is looking beautiful, just so restful. The embroidery design is so pretty, its the perfect balance of colour and you have done very well with the upholstery, I haven't been game enough to give it a go so well done on putting it together.

    I hope you have some luck with the Bird cage, that really is a lovely painting.

    ML Fi XX