Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Flowers

My goodness, how time has flown - I can't believe I have been away for so long!  I have been pulled this way and that between work, home, family and garden, and my poor minis have suffered!  I have been a little busy, snatching a moment here and there to do a couple of things, but nothing particularly big.  

I had promised myself to get the Mimosa bedroom finished for the end of February ....  ha ha ha!  I experimented with pleating embroidered silk, but couldn't come up with a way that gave the hang I wanted without staining the silk, so it is back to the drawing board before I finish the bedhangings... maybe next February?!

So what better way to welcome Spring (finally!) than to showcase the fantastic work of Ilona, who made these amazing lilies and roses for me... aren't they astounding (I am running out of superlatives!).  I can't tell you how detailed they are - even the stamens are perfect...

They really make a wonderful centrepiece.  I love the bright yellows against the simple white walls.  

And here are the beautiful mimosas, I set Ilona quite a challenge with these, and she has succeeded so well, the dark green stems are a really welcome contrast to a light room, and they go very well in the little earthenware pot from One Pottery.

As you can see, there is a sad lack of drapery and finished soft furnishings... I can't wait to finish that chair and put up some curtains!

And here is the last of the tulips in my garden - a beautiful light pink in the sun that I just had to share!



  1. Hi Jonquil,

    Your yellow lilies and roses look beautiful. I Ilona does do such fine work, I really think it is something that must be seen with the naked eye, photos just don't do her work justice. How fresh they look in your room, the birds either side compliment them so well.

    ML Fi xx

  2. The Flowers are Gorgeous!!! I am also trying to figure out how to pleat silk with out damaging it! I have not yet taken the steps of testing different stiffeners.... just reading everybody else's methods! I have read some people use tin foil (aluminum cooking foil) sandwiched between the silk and a lining material... the foil holds the shape when folded! I have not tried it either...
    Good luck with your attempts!
    Your tulip is beautiful.... mine are just beginning to bloom over here!

  3. Ah, bentornata! Meravigliosi fiori, sia reali e ancor più in miniatura. Dovrò sperimentare anch'io la bravura di Ilona, prima o poi.

  4. The flowers are wonderful.
    Bye, Faby

  5. Unas hermosas flores, las reales y las minis

  6. Hi Jonquil, you've been missed by many of us, glad to see you back :D!
    Your gorgeous room shows the most wonderful miniatures. I love those doves, they are so adorable, so beautiful.
    Thank you for showing the flowers in this beautiful decor! Your RL giant tulip is a beauty :D.
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. I was just thinking about you today Jonquil, as I was doing a bit of sewing and embroidery for a dress I am planning to make (I made a mistake so I am starting again tomorrow).

    The flowers are gorgeous! Ilona is an excellent flower maker! The yellow looks so clean and fresh in the bedroom, just lovely.
    The real tulips look gorgeous as well, such a pretty colour.

  8. What pretty little flowers! I could never do work THAT detailed; I'm so clumsy. They really bring the room to life!

  9. Hello Jonquil,
    Ilona is such and amazing artist. Those are just beautiful and look so real it is amazing. They really are just the right touch.
    Big hug,

  10. Your flowers are beautiful. I had to go in for a closer peek and they are so real looking. A perfect addition to the room.