Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring Clean Workspace

It seems everyone is getting in on the workspace 'show and tell', and I for ne used it as great motivation to TIDY UP.  Here is my little corner of peace and quiet, away from all my boys, work and the cat...  Actually, no, not the cat - Edgar usually has pride of place on the day bed, but didn't deign to appear in this photo (he's rather exclusive!).

The bookshelf is deidcated to my silk embroidery - who knew such small things needed so much stuff to create?  The day bed drawers contain everything else.... just don't open them, or you'll NEVER GET THEM CLOSED AGAIN!

This little table is all I have to work on - I long to have a huge trestle work bench - but then I would only have more space to make more mess!

I included the teapot and hyacinths for Simon, but they really live on the window sill.

And look what's just arrived - a late Christmas present!  I have no idea how my little table is going to cope with this!

What should I make for my first project?



  1. I love your work table, but I sure think you could use a bigger one :-) and use this dainty one to display a room box or small house.

    My bookshelves are seriously running out of space with the ever growing collection of embroidery, woodwork, architecture and interior design books, but I just don't have more space for bookshelves, sigh.

    Congratulations on your new Dremel, I don't use it a lot, but at times it does come in handy, my husband just screwed a cup hook into the wall to hang it from next to my work table last night, when you use the flex shaft on it, it is easier to use if it is hanging down. Have fun with it!

    1. That's such a good idea about the hook, thanks. I realised that I would need some sort of stand, but didn't wwant anything too big and permanent!

      One day I'll have a studio of my own... but it may take a few years!

      Books - I love them, but we have so, so many....even moving around Europe over the years hasn't stopped us buying and collecting. A next big DIY project is floor to ceiling bookshelves, but even then, I don't think it would be enough!

  2. Hey Jonquil
    You have so much light and scape - plenty of room for a tressle table ;-)
    I'm relieved to see you have a small table too, and agree that if I had more space it would just mean more stuff and mess!
    Lucky you with the new Dremel - endless possibilities...
    enjoy and thanks for letting us snoop around x

    1. You know, I'm quite happy being in the 'small table club', I think it is quite refined ;)

      I know I'd never cope with the mess if I had a huge table, and with my little ones running around, I have to tidy away all my potentially dangerous craft items...

      Ah, the dreel! To be honest, I'm a little lost as to what to do with it for the moment - apart from reading the instructions! What do you use yours for?


  3. Hi Jonquil,
    What a gorgeous space! You must be very neat and organised to work off a table that size. I agree with Elga, I think it's such a lovely table you should be displaying your Dollhouse on it. You have plenty of light and space and a nice place to take a rest when miniatures take it out of you.....; ) The Hyacinths in the Teapot should meet Si's approval ( I feel I should have done the same in my work space) and how wonderful to have a Dremel,I have one and it is one of my favourite possessions.

    Thanks for sharing your quiet place with us.

    ML Fi xx

    1. Ha ha, it WAS a lovely table, but now it's been a bit trashed with paint and various projects... I like the height, and I manage ok with it. I just have illusions of grandeur, and think more space would mean more productivity - but I don't think that's the case!

      As for the dremel, I'd love any pointers as to where to start with it - it scares me a little!



  4. As I told Josie, when I interviewed Luisa and Alessandra for my diary, the first thing I asked the two of them was to photograph their work table. It 'sa way to get to know a little'. I unfortunately do not have anything to show why the work has not started. I have a huge space, however, available. Too bad that I live in the South, where there are no dollshouse. I have a place so beautiful that you could organize workshops or working groups.

  5. Hi Jonquil, lovely workspace, neat and tidy ;)!
    Congratulations for the Dremel, a lovely machine :D! Use your imagination, you have plenty of it and you know what you have to make first :D!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  6. It rather looks as though smaller work tables are the way to go and a smallish work area demands regular tidying. I might have a bigger space now but I can't find anything!

    The Dremel is a marvellous thing to have although I don't use mine to it's fullest. Great for drilling and perfect for creating grooves for wiring.

  7. I missed this post earlier! I really enjoy seeing so many work spaces. Your's is another pretty room I would love to work in myself. I am very impressed with your small table, proving once again you don't need a lot of space to create beautiful things!