Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mimosa Bedroom Progress...

Ah, February!  Cold, grey, snowy and damp (at least here in Lyon)... what better antidote than some lovely sunshine yellow?

Slowly but surely the bedroom is taking shape.  A few lovely things have arrived in the post, including this old chest of drawers.  I found it online, and it has no maker's mark, but I loved the little turned columns on the side.  I had thought about using a Dutch bombe chest, but I could only find either a kit (and I know I could't do it justice), or something expensive and generic from China.  So I was quite pleased with this.  I really want to change the handles, so if any of you have any ideas, I'd love to know where to source some.

I couldn't resist this Tarbena mirror... I'll probably never own one of their furniture pieces, but I can own a mirror!  It has a lovely finish, but I feel like aging the gold a little.... would this be a crime?  Should I keep it as it is?

I think they go well together - not too humble, not too grand....

And the star piece this month is a bouquet of Ilona's flowers... yes you guessed it, the mimosas she made were for me!  I am waiting for the weather and the lighting to improve to take proper photos of all the amazing things she sent me....they deserve a whole post just for themselves!

And I rather like this fellow... he doesn't look to happy, but his mustard frock coat looks just right above the panelling!  

Speaking of which, none of the woodwork has finally been glued down - I am waiting to finish the bed-curtains, as to install them, I need to take the alcove bed out.  This means that nothing can be finally put in place yet, and there are gaps everywhere.

I lined the drawers with toile de jouy paper in gold... you can just see a beautiful packet of letters and rose buds from Ilona - more on them very soon!

And a tiny flame-stitched bed step.  The carpet is only a piece of fabric that I use to show what the real rug position will be like.... I haven't made the real one yet!

Thank you for all your encouraging comments, they really are appreciated.  I hope your February is less dull and grey, and that we see the first signs of spring soon,



  1. Your chest of drawers is lovely. I agree about changing the hardware. I wish I could tell you I knew where to find really nice drawer pulls.

    Ilona's flowers are beautiful!

  2. Es todo precioso, Jonquil. La cómoda es una verdadera maravilla y el espejo también. Aunque tiene un dorado precioso, quizás un poco de envejecido consiga darle mayor realce.

    ¡Un abrazo enorme!

  3. Hi Jonquil, it all looks lovely, if you think ageing the mirror is a good idea, go for it, you can always first do a test on the back of the mirror.

    Cats Paw have gorgeous hardware, you can see some of their items on this website but they have a lot more, here is the link to their own website They don't have the miniature hardware on there, but do e-mail Pam, their contact details are on the website, she will post you her mini catalogue, it is all in black and white though. I will take some photos later in the week of the hardware that I do have and do a post about them. Do check out her doll accessories on the website, she has them in 1/12 scale too.

  4. Everything already looks so wonderful, Jonquil. Ilona's flowers are perfect. We are having a big snowstorm right now in Minnesota but I hope you have some sunny, spring weather, soon!

  5. Hi Jonquil,

    I love your chest of draws, I too have been searching the internet for a chest of draws for the twins room and had similar trouble to you. I think you have done extremely well to find such a beautiful piece. The mirror is lovely too, just the right balance as you say.

    So you are the Mimosa lady, I thought it was a coincidence that you have a mimosa room and Ilona was making mimosa flowers. How perfect they are for your room, I have a some magnolias from Ilona and they are exquisite, we are very lucky ladies to have her fine work.

    ML Fi xx

  6. Jonquil, this bedroom is amazing, you have chosen the perfect miniatures for this room. I love your chest of drawers and I agree about the handles, change them please ;). Perhaps you can use a bit of patina (brown) on the mirror, it looks good, but it can use a bit of dark color. I can not say this in proper English words, but I think you'll understand me. Enjoy your progress so far.
    Here in The Netherlands we had some sunbeams today, the snowdrops are blooming and the helleborus too, so spring is starting :D!!
    Thank you for showing the flowers and mentioning me :D
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  7. Hello Jonquil,

    The chest of drawers is a lovely piece! I like the details on it too, and it looks splendid in the bedroom. Ilona's flowers are a joy to see on such a wintry day! I thought we had seen the last of winter snow, but seems to be back again!

    The mirror is beautiful too, I love the ribbon detail. Very feminine, perfect for a bedroom! It looks good as it is, but could be 'knocked about a bit' so a little aging wouldn't hurt.

    There is a Mimosa tree in Richmond Park, which smells glorious when in flower! I bought David some mimosa scented soaps from Floris for Christmas too!

    The portrait is sweet, I like his expression!

    Can't wait to see the developments soon!

    Andy xxx

  8. Hi Jonquil,
    I saw that Elga already suggested the Peddler Pusher site, but I thought I'd add that they do have some hardware that you can order online under the 'Black Diamond' category. I love all your pieces, and can't wait to see the room finished!

  9. This room is beautiful! Please don't age the Tarbena mirror too much, it's so pretty the way it is.

  10. What a lucky find the chest of drawers was and I love to see the drawers being filled. I also like to see little glimpses through the window!

    The flowers are a perfect addition and team up really well with the picture above. Clearly a lot of thought is going into this room.