Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Good End to a Bad Month

     This month has been pretty terrible for me, for various reasons, and as a result, my miniatures have suffered from neglect.

   But to celebrate the birthday of my sons, I received this beautiful miniature painted on ivory.  I've chosen to hang her in the parlour, and I think it is just the touch I needed to get on and start finishing the decor of this room!

I like the added coral red colour, and I think I'll try and add that to the room when I do the soft furnishings and upholstery.  I think it is a good foil for the turquoise and slate blues.

Still nothing is finally fixed down (there are so many gaps in the woodwork) but I think it gives a good idea of the proportions.  I added door handles and a latch from Sussex crafts and granite steps.  I am still waiting for architraving!

Next on the list for this room is a chippendale sofa that I need to upholster, but I have so many sewing projects on the go that I have banned myself from even thinking up a design!

I hope you have had a better October than I, and I would just like to say that all of your comments and support have been SO appreciated.

Also, a big welcome to new members, I will try to get my blog activity levels up again after this pause,



  1. Hello Jonquil,
    I am so sorry October was an unhappy motnh for you and I hope it will change for the end oif the month. I love the proportions of the room. Everything works together so well. The art on the walls is just beauitful and I adore the color of the back wall. it adds a nice elegenbt punch. Happy belated birthday to your sons.
    Big hug, and hang in there,

  2. This room is so nice with its wall and accessories in blue. I've seen too your works on fabric and embroidery and love them.
    hug, Carina

  3. This room is wonderful. I like the colors.
    Bye Faby

  4. The painting looks great in the setting. Sorry to hear about your bad October and hope things are changed soon to the better. Mini hugs, Natalia

  5. This beautiful jewel of a painting can lift up any dreary thought. The room already looks beautiful. It will be interesting to see your further work.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. Hi Jonquil! I am so sorry, October was a bad month, hope for you, is everything well now?
    What a gorgeous miniature painted on ivory, it is really beautiful and it got a nice place in your parlour! This room looks wonderful too, great work so far.
    Greetings, Ilona

  7. Hi Jonquil! Sorry to hear October has not been a good month for you, I hope these last few days will be different.
    The miniature is beautiful, what a great deal you got there, it being your sons birthdays and you getting the gift ;-)
    It looks really pretty in your blue room, and I agree with adding a little bit of red to the room to tie in with the red in the miniature, I think that will look great. Maybe some red in a carpet or some fruit or flowers...

  8. Is a beautiful gift that you have had. You're not the only one to have a bad run or a slowdown in projects. I make you company. With a child of seven months, or almost everything can be found in the most free.

  9. What a lovely addition to your room. I really like the last photo showing the whole room.

    Sorry to hear that this month hasn't been the greatest for you - I hope things improve now.