Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Little Light Upholstery

      This is my first attempt at upholstery, a nursing chair made from a Jane Harrop kit, which I completed in pale blue silk for the parlour.  It turned out quite well, but the process taught me a lot about methods - how not to get glue all over the silk, for example!

      I had wanted to embroider something for the chair seat, but I am glad I didn't - I would have ruined it with glue.  But I did do this cushion a while back, and I htink it oes nicely.  I've ordered another chair so that I can have a pair in the parlour by the fireplace.

       It is just as well that I am starting to practice my upholstery skills and woodworking, as look what I got in the post!

    I designed a few embroideries for the daybed on the left, and chose a simple one, with a repeat.  


  1. The chair is elegant.
    Bye Faby

  2. Very well done for the first time. It reminds me that my chair kit is waiting for me too. Have a wonderful weekend. Natalia

  3. The chair looks very good, I like the buttoning on the seat back, and the cushion does go very well as you say.

    The wood kits will be fun to do, but it is worth staining the pieces before glueing together as wood stain doesn't soak into the wood if there is even a small amount of residue glue on the wood, and go carefully when sanding too, it's easy to sand a rounded edge that should be straight on such soft wood.

    Good luck!!

    Andy xx

    1. Hi Andy,

      thanks for the tips! I did stain before glueing, I just had problems with avoiding getting glue on the silk during the upholstering - I found wiping my fingers on baby wipes helped a lot!

      I'll let you know how the second chair goes,


  4. Hi Jonquil! I agree with Andy about the staining. The chair worked out very well, delicate color of the silk! The cushion is great embroidery work.
    Greetings, Ilona

  5. I'm just catching up here and am impressed with your new found upholstery skills. The chair looks really good. That's the beauty of kits - you can really customise them to suit yourself.

  6. La silla te ha quedado preciosa, me encanta el color de la tela y el cojin.
    Esos bordados quedan genial.
    besitos ascension