Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daviot House Begins...


         First things first, thank you for all your wonderful comments and support - I logged on yesterday to the lovely surprise that I have 'broken' the 100 followers mark!  Thanks so much!  It's hard to believe sometimes...

      Daviot House has finally arrived, and I have been throwing every spare minute I have at it, though I don't get so many of those, so progress is a little slow.  I have constructed the house, except the front, as I want to take that off to decorate more easily.

      The MDF was fairly easy to put together, though it tends to swell quite a bit when wet/glued/plastered/painted, which is the reason I had to put ot together before painting.  But otherwise I was pretty pleased with it - just made well enough to last, but basic enough to make my own.  Thanks Ted!

            I have been a little too hasty with the hall floor - I will have to do it again, but it gives me a good 'visual' as to the space and the effect I want.  The parlour fireplace now has a new home, though I will probably add a few more embellishments.  

The door on the left will lead to a stair turret (eventually!), the back door will lead to the kitchen behind the house.  So, for the moment, we are lacking stairs and a kitchen.

     This is the bedroom - as you can see, I have plumped for the alcove bed - it was just too quirky to resist.  But also, I chose it for two reasons:  one, the house is not a grand one, and would not have had the budget for a large fourposter.  Second, this room is on the small side, so an alcove bed makes for the best use of space.  I have to admit, it is slightly narrow, but that won't be too noticable.


      The study is on the ground floor, under the bedroom, and has the same proportions, but I had some spare flooring I put in to get a sense of the room.  I have been planning this house for so long in ly head that it is nice to actually have something physical to play around with.  The room does look a mess at the moment, but it will clean up nicely!

    I have so, so much to do, but that is half of the pleasure of this hobby, isn't it?  I'll post as soon as I have something worthwhile to look at, for now it is just raw walls and doors!



  1. It is always nice to work on a new house, I guess? Congratulations, Jonquil. Have fun with building and the changes. I'll follow the progress.
    Greetings, Ilona

  2. Lover it so far Jonquil
    Keep up the great work
    much love

  3. Todo lo que muestras tiene muy buen aspecto, creo que será una buena casa de muñecas. Estaré atento al resto de avances.

    ¡Un abrazo enorme y enhorabuena!

  4. The house looks good so far, and full of possibilities, I really like dolls houses when they are at this early stage, wondering how they will end up looking. Good luck!! I can't wait to see your alcove bed!

    Andy xx

  5. You're certainly off to a great start with this. The excitement when a new property arrives with all it's possibilities - you can't beat it!