Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crow Step Gable

     Here's the progress on the front... sorry for the terrible photo!  I have added a step gable to the roof, and I think it works quite well.  At the moment it is just foam board, but I am deciding on the size of the steps before I make it in wood.  I also have to work out how to attach it to the roof without leaving a telling joint!

   I have a lot of windows to remake - the ones the kit came with are just MDF strips, and not very easy to paint in situ;  when I tried to remove them for painting the collapsed!

   So here is the stack of bass wood strips I have to make the frames...

   For some reason I don't like the house without the window frames, it looks haunted and derelict, so I shall get on with making those as soon as possible.


  1. Hello again Jonquil,
    I think the step detail is a great idea. It looks just perfect on your house. I'm happy you're re-doing the window frames. The molding you plan on using looks quite lovely and will be much niceer then plain windows.
    I look forward to your next post.
    All the best,

  2. Hi Jonquil,
    I quite like step gables, must be the Dutch association, haha. Why don't you make it a bit longer so you can just attach it to the front of the roof instead of on the roof. That way you won't see a gap/join/seam (whatever it is called) at all. As for the size of the steps, I quite like the top one, it corresponds with the size of the window panes (at least if you are keeping the size the same).

  3. Hello Jonquil,

    Your house is really taking shape, it looks so different from the original already!

    I know just what you mean about the windows, I like to get the frames fixed as soon as possible. It helps to make a dolls house look more life-like once the frames are in place, must be something to do with how the brain sees things, like whan you can see faces in patterns.

    Sadly, windows are always a bit fiddly to paint, both mini and real, especially sash ones!!

  4. Hello Jonquil!
    Your house is coming along very well indeed!
    I agree with my friends who commented before me that the window frames will add greatly to the finished look you are doing. I too like the step gable and agree with Josje about the size relating to the window pane. Keep going my friend! You are doing a lovely job with this house.
    Good wishes from Ray

  5. This is coming along really well. I'm enjoying following your progress.

    I should have had the crow stepped gables on The Tenement but was too quick putting on the roof tiles! Never mind.