Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Little Diversion

Doing my usual 'scatter gun' approach to projects, I thought I'd make a few things to go in to the study, as I needed a break from the bedroom!

When I start a room, I usually start with an object, a piece of furniture, or more often, a painting.  Then I work 'backwards' collecting other pieces that will complement it.  This painting jumped out at me, and although she may be a little grand for Daviot House, I really wanted to include it.

I put it in a dark frame, and mod podged the card, so make it look more like canvas.

Then, although I have a lot of sewing projects on the go already, I started to make a small rug in needlepoint to go with her.

I think they go very nicely with the Queen Anne chair ( I will eventually have two!), and are a welcome break from the femininity of the bedroom!



  1. What beautiful pieces! Congratulations!

  2. Bellissime miniature!!!!!
    Buon fine settimana ..!!!

  3. The painting is beautiful, looking forward to see how your study is going to look.

  4. The picture is to die for!!
    I love it. I cant find "mod podge", I'll try the internet I think, as the resultsare incredible. Great to see someone else switching between mini projects.
    take care

  5. Love your 'painting' and the rug will look exquisite with it.

  6. Hi Jonquil! You know I've been busy a few weeks, but I am back :D! In the meanwhile you've been very busy, I see! You've started a beautiful rug, love the colors. Ifollow the progress of your work again.
    Greetings, Ilona

  7. I like the dark pieces you have made. The room you will make for it will be a nice contrast to you light and feminine room. I am curious to see what it will be like!

  8. The mod podge looks like such an interesting medium, like Simon I'll be searching for it! I don't think your lady will be too grand for the house, she'll have been an inherited piece!