Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To paint or not to paint...

Having a bad cold means that I can actually enjoy a little bit of blogging, and finally post a few pictures. Here are the Christmas presents that I was lucky to receive, a half moon table by Masters Miniatures and a painted gravy boat, creator unknown. 

 The table is beautiful, much nicer in reality than the photo here, and also much nicer than the photo on the Masters' website. It is sleek and simple, and fits really well with the simplicity of the parlour. The gravy boat caught my eye - I'm not overly fond of pink, but the little detail of the head really intrigued me... I don't know who made it, but it is lovely.

I painted this little picture of a lighthouse in watercolours, and framed it.  I was quite pleased with it, and wondering what to put in the other frame below it, when I realised something horrible... My printed painting of a the Stuart princess is much more detailed, and I'm afraid that the two of them together will only show up the hand-made nature of my little lighthouse:

See what I mean? This leaves me with three options - one, I replace the lighthouse with a printed picture, two, I try to recreate the picture of Louisa-Maria (probably badly), three, I ignore the problem and hope no one notices it except for me. What do you think?

Oh, and I cannot, cannot believe that I actually have some followers, especially because lots of you are people who have really inspired me, both with my minis and to get blogging.  I think a give-away is in order!  I'll sort something out and get back to you when I'm feeling a bit better,



  1. What is the table nice!
    I am also a fan of the work of masters miniatures.
    The paintings are really quite beautiful.
    The Lighthouse is successful .
    What a beautiful blog you have.
    Very much a speedy recovery.
    Greetings, Alexandra,

  2. Your painting is lovely, I have a quite a few paintings in my house (the real one)that two of my brothers painted for me, although not so professional they mean a lot more to me than expensive bought paintings.

    When my mom-in-law passed away there was two little watercolor paintings that I first thought prints hanging on her wall in tatty frames, on closer inspection I discovered that they were painted in France during the First World War probably by a soldier who wanted the show his family where he was living, treasures indeed!!!! There are dates and descriptions of where it was painted on the back of the paintings.

  3. Thanks Alexandra and Elga, it is good to get some encouragement and objectivity!

    Elga, you are so right, sometimes something which is sentimental is much more valuable than something perfect. In fact, the lighthouse painting is special because it is of a lighthouse in the town where my husband comes from, so for me, it has more of a reason to be in the house.

  4. What amazing work!

    You know, I don't find the lighthouse painting jarring at all, seen next to the printed portrait. They're both lovely, but the real painting has something ... indefinable. It's REAL. I think they look lovely next to each other :)

  5. Please don't drop teh lighthouse painting! It's lovely, I like it very much, I don't think it looks bad next to the portrait, it's just a different type of painting, the lighthouse might have been painted by the owner of the house!! And I would paint another little coastal scene in the smaller frame to complement the lighthouse painting too.

    It's a nice table, I have some pieces by Masters Miniatures too, mostly chairs! The gravy boat is unusual, it reminds me of a lady's slipper pot, which might have been used in the dining room, but I don't think would have been put on the table! ;O)