Monday, January 9, 2012

Parlour Chair

    Having family for Christmas was great, as I managed to sneak off a few times and get round to FINALLY finishing a couple of projects that had been lingering forever.  Like this petit point chair.  The chair was a McQueenie kit, which I love - they're so easy to put together, especially with my complete lack of wood work skills!  And I'm really sorry, but I've done the classic thing and lost the source of the petit point pattern!  If I find it, I'll let you know.  It was quite simple, and although petit point is not my favourite type of embroidery, I liked this one.  If I find the time, I might attempt a matching chair, but I wouldn't count on it...

    I found finishing was a little tricky - I didn't like the stiff effect that using the foam seat pad gave, so I made my own and filled it with fine sand.  This made a nice little sag in the middle, as if the poor little chair was used to having lots of people sit on it! 

 Christmas also brought a few presents, though my family was a little perplexed that I wanted such little things.  It's hard being the only miniature enthusiast in the family (well, Edgar the ginger cat likes miniatures, but usually only to play mouse with).  They find it difficult to understand that things which come in tiny packages are just as good as things that come in big ones!  I'll post photos very soon, as soon as I can find the charger for my camera... again!

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