Monday, December 19, 2016

Problem Solving

One of the reasons I have had such a break from blogging is the fact that I couldn't find a satisfactory, permanent home for Daviot House.  

My craft room also doubles up as the guest bedroom, and although we don't have guests regularly, we do need a spare room.  This room has become the Mini-ing room, and every time we had visitors, I had to pack up Daviot House. 

And I always break something when I pack the house up 😭😭
I have lost a lot of precious crockery that way over the years.

SO I got a little fed up, and spent the summer reorganising the guest bedroom.  I decided that although I would LOVE to keep the table in the middle of the room, so I can walk around the house, it is just not practical.  

The 14th century tower has moved back and the kitchen block has moved to the right.  It should be at the back of the house, but we're just going to have to leave that configuration up to the imagination!

This compromise allows me to access all of the rooms from the front, and I bought a sideboard from IKEA with drawers and cupboards underneath to store all of my crafting things. 

 This means that the room is tidier, and Daviot House NEVER HAS TO GET PACKED UP AGAIN!!  Which is great, because I broke some really nice, irreplaceable things the last time.....

AND, I solved the stairs problem.  Kitchens, stairs, never thought I needed them, 'til I needed them!  The problem with leaving out a staircase in the initial building has meant that stairs will need to be added on from the outside. 

 I couldn't work out where to put them, until I moved Daviot House to its final position, and then..... TA DA!!!

The corner which has now appeared where the tower abuts the house is the perfect place to install a staircase!  This made me so happy I rushed to get my kids to show them.  They were also very impressed.... though we realised that this means more work, and building some stairs. 

BUT it will also be the perfect place to hang some ancestor portraits, because we have been running out of wall space in the house.

Sometimes I think that Daviot House will end up five times the size it started as, but that's ok, as long as it still fits on the table!

The new, permanent home also made me think about the kitchen.  It was converted from a Dolls House Emporium stable kit, and while I think it is just perfect, the stable doors were irritating me.  Because it looks like a stable, not a kitchen.  

So I pulled the doors off....

And started to build a conservatory instead.  This way I solved the giant gaping-space problem, allowed more light into the kitchen, added a conservatory, which I always wanted but didn't know where to put, AND allow an enticing peek into the kitchen....

I just have to finish leading the glass, and filling it with a large amount of salmon pink geraniums!



  1. Your kitchen with the addition of the conservatory fits in so Beautifully with the rest of Daviot House. What a Great way to access a better view inside AND to be able to show off your collection of geraniums all year long!
    Having just tackled the staircase in my own project, I don't envy you yours, Jonquil, however I do like the idea of a rogues gallery of ancestors acceding your staircase wall, which I am now looking forward to seeing! :D
    I have found that IKEA tables come in really handy for holding doll's houses.
    I use my son's old IKEA computer desk on casters, which had been stored for years in my garage. The pull out keyboard tray make for addition work surface.
    Gotta LOVE IKEA! :D


  2. I love the conservatory! That added light and space really opens up the kitchen and since the barn doors were there you didn't lose any wall space.

    My workspace is my dining room table. Finished projects are one various shelves... I'm really grateful we don't have many guests. And we don't do formal dining.

  3. Ooooohhhh such wonderful improvements!!! I have to agree that the addition of the Conservatory is Perfect!!! And the added bonus of giving you a peek into the kitchen is icing on the cake! Also the addition of the stairs is a wonderful change! (I am one of those who needs stairs in my houses.... even the Tree House where they are mostly invisible... but I know they are There!) I can't wait to see what sort of stairs you build... and the ancestors pictures will be a perfect companion to them! I am so sorry that you have broken some of your Treasures over the years.... that is very sad. But now you have such a great solution to the space problem and the design difficulties too! I can't wait to see more!

  4. What a clever solution to reveal the interior of the kitchen and replace the stable doors.
    The conservatory will give you an opportunity to display seasonal flowers.
    Merry Christmas.
    Regards Janine

  5. How happy you must be not have to pack up the house again. I like the additions. Greetings

  6. Wow, the improvements are fantastic. Love the new kitchen conservatory. The flowers will make it look very pretty. Merry Christmas!

  7. Has ido convirtiéndola poco a poco en una maravilla.

  8. How great it is to see the property as a whole and the conservatory is an inspired idea. I've been back twice to look at it all!

  9. What an epic post! I know exactly the problem you were facing - My ideal mini house has a completed front exterior (with no opening doors) and is access from the rear. Of course, the trouble is unless you have it in the centre of the room, you can't enjoy the two aspects of the house that you originally wanted.
    I say that, but isn't it funny (or spooky) how it all worked out in the end!! God moves in mysterious ways...
    I can't wait to see how you tackle the staircase - I'm looking forward to seeing all the family portraits and maybe some ancient weapons and shields??
    Happy Christmas

  10. As a regular visitor and occupant of the guest room I can vouch for the brilliance of the solution!

  11. Hello Jonquil,
    I am happy you finally found a permanent, safe place for Daviot house. It would be such a shame to lose more pieces when packing. I love your idea for the staircase and think it will work perfectly. Our dollhouses do have a way of growing on their own, don't they ;)
    Big hug