Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stumpwork Update

I played truant today from non-essential things and carried on with my mirror - I was struck by creating mania. Obviously my little pause this summer worked wonders!  And I wanted to thank you all for such lovely comments, they really make the needle fly!

I worked on the relief, or 3D aspect, which is a bit naughty, as I should finish the flat stitches first, but stumpwork is just such fun!  You can really tell that they hd a great time creating fantastic pictures.  I have chosen to use non faded colours, the colours that the original mirrors were decorated in, and I think it really shows just how bright and colourful the originals must have been.

If I turn the embroidery on the side slightly you can see the relief-work more easily

I love the fantastical flowers and birds

The little yellow butterfly which is completely out of scale, ust like the originals

And how do you like them apples!

A very dainty lady has a needle lace ruff and flounces on her skirt

It's coming together surprisingly quickly, but I have to get back to boring daily tasks tomorrow....  Sometimes I wish I were a 17th century lady with servants and leisure time to sit and sew for hours!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Some Luck and Unfinished Business...

What a wonderful way to start October!  I couldn't quite believe it but I was the ridiculously lucky winner of Tony's casket from Miniature Treasures.  I nearly fell off my chair when I found out!

Isn't it just wonderful?  And it goes so well with the Renaissance table from Master's Miniatures.

Such attention to detail, and the ivory and horn give it such a satisfying weight, which I always think is important in miniatures.

I love the luxurious brass detailing, but the best part is the secret inside....

...A 17th century button!  I love the liliputian aspect - I can imagine the inhabitants of Daviot House staring in wonder at this giant button... and I like to think about who wore it all those years ago...

To have such a treasure as this means that I am going to revamp the hall to house it.  I was very stuck with the hall over the summer - nothing quite fitted or worked, and this lovely gift has given me a few ideas to improve the hall.  It has also inspired me to get on with some unfinished business!

I have various embroideries in various states of completion, and as I've been working on a few commissions recently, I have less time to dedicate to them.  One style of embroidery that I love is stumpwork, specifically from the 17th century.  I have given myself the challenge of making a stumpwork mirror, which were very popular at the time.  You can see more examples of stumpwork mirrors at Needleprint

It's only the very beginning, but I think you can see where I am going with this.

 The design measures about 5cm by 4cm

I'm quite pleased with this dapper man, he looks very proud in his boots and whiskers!  He is about 1cm tall.

And so to more unfinished business for the hall.  Do you remember my plan to embroider chair backs for the hall back in, ooooh, December?  Well, here is my VERY SLOW progress!

The design is about 4cm high, still needs a lot of work and is impossible to photograph well!  Hopefully it won't take me until next December to complete it...