Thursday, September 27, 2012

True Blue (Parlour Redux)

Oh, it has taken me so long to get another post together - September is such a crazy month for me as classes start and I have so much preparing to do!  Sadly my mini-world doesn't get a lot of attention!  But I have taken a few photos to keep you up to date.

First of all, I have a new camera!  I went a bit mad and decided to get a really lovely one, with bells and whistles - but so many bells and whistles that I'm going to have to study the users manual (all 198 pages) really well.  So bear with the really bad photos, I'm just getting to know the camera.

After all the ribbons and yellow of the bedroom, I had a flash of inspirtaion when clearing out the garage, and found lots of illustration and chipboard, just waiting to be cut up.  I've been pretty inspired by Irene and Giac, as their panelling looks fantastic, so I thought I'd give making a false wall a try.

For those of you new to the blog, the parlour was originally a box, where I tested out some ideas before taking on a whole house.  You can see it  here.  The dimensions have changed, and I needed a bit more colour, so this is what I came up with:

I need to play around with the furniture, and make a few more pieces, but it gives you a good idea

So much finishing to do!  

A new Malcolm Hall clock (sadly not a working one, that is on my wish list!) and a pair of candle sconces I made using findings from Bindels.  I love these little brass dolphin ornaments I found, but I don't know quite what to do with them.  Originally I wanted to use them on the candle sconces, but they were hidden by the candles.  Maybe some fire-irons?

I marbled the fireplace, but I am really not happy with it, especially in contrast with the granite stone.  I love this granite clay, but I have found out to my horror that it shrinks for a long time after it appears to be dry!  Look at that enormous crack on the right!  I'll have to sort that out asap!

I wanted to try some embroidery that wasn't floral- there is so much possibility with surface embroidery, and I think I have just touched the surface with flowers.  So here is a nautical theme fire screen.

The stitches I use are different for floral embroidery, so I shall have to practice a bit more.  I don't think they are fine enough yet.

Here is the sampler I finally completed and framed this summer.  I love this piece because it shows Daviot House!

Here's the layout of the house so far.  I like to keep putting furniture in as I work to get a good idea of the space. I have struggled so much with the blue colour in the parlour, and I am still not sure if it is quite right.  it seems really bright in this photo, but close up it is a little more subdued.  I think I have painted it about six times!

 The room on the bottom right was originally destined to be a study, but I am now wondering if a dining room would be better...  This picture makes me feel a little exposed, as you can see how much there is still to do!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mellow Yellow

I've made quite good progress on the bedroom - I think it was when I decided to stop faffing with other projects and rooms and just knuckle down and concentrate on one!  The yellow colour adds more warmth, and draws the eye towards the bed, making the room feel more shallow.

I haven't glued everything in place totally, as I still have to sort out the electrics, which I'll probably do when all the rooms are completed and I can work out the best wiring... I know that's not the traditional method, but it works for me!

The painting above the fireplace is an tiny part of a grand painting by Lamoyne which shows the goddess Fertility holding twin babies - I thought that as a mother of twins that was quite appropriate!

The fireplace took me ages to decide on - I didn't know if the room's size could support a large chimney piece, and I didn't want to cut a hole in the wall to make an external chimney stack, but I htink it works well. 

The fire back is a small lead frame and watercolour paper covered in metalcote.  The bricks need a bit more work to make them more realistic, and I am quite pleased with the hearth stone, which I made out of granite clay.

Then I made a fire basket - can you guess what I used?  I will hide the bulb wires when I fit everything into place finally.

I still have so much to do, but I think this room is coming together nicely.  It is also a room that was done on a very, very small budget,  from the 65 cents picture frame found at a brocante, to the table made out of turnings and lolly sticks...and the fire basket which was  free!  It is amazing what you can do with very little!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Autumn Colours

This is the dressing table that I have made for the bedroom.  It is my first attempt at proper furniture making, as I was particularly inspired to stop procrastinating, and actually try something.

The inspiration?  This book - 'Reproducing Period Furniture and Accessories in Miniature'.  I have to thank Elga for the reference, as a while ago she sent me a lovely email to encourage me to make some furniture, and, well - I have!  So thank you very much Elga!

It is, however, my very first attempt, so very far from perfect, but it is a start, and I learnt so much in the process (though I still have so, so much more to learn!).  The table is not in the book, but there are so many fantastic projects that I would like to make.... one day!

I couldn't leave it unadorned, so I made a simple table runner with a petit point bird

And a completely out-of-focus picture with a pencil for scale.  I have to apologise for the appalling quality of the photos - sadly my camera died on holiday after an unfortunate meeting with a lake, so until I get a new one, I have to use my phone camera..

And finally, something for my extremely long wish list!  A mirror from Lucy Askew, not in 12th scale, but in 24th scale, to make a lovely dressing table mirror.  I think I'll have to wait until Christmas for that!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

La Rentrée

    Here in France the new year really starts in September.  This time is called 'la rentrée' - everyone comes back from the summer holidays, children start school, clubs are joined, taxes are paid, I go back to work ...

     ... and so I thought I'd give a little review of the embroidery work I have done so far...

     I'd also like to thank you all so much for your lovely comments, and  to welcome all my new followers!

Corsets, Caps, Bags, Hats and Shoes ...

Fire Screens, Bed Hangings, Chairs and Seats...


Bed Linens and Cushions...

Hopefully, over the next year, I'll expand my repertoire, as I've noticed that it is exceedingly floral!

Have a wonderful Rentrée!