Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Little Diversion

Doing my usual 'scatter gun' approach to projects, I thought I'd make a few things to go in to the study, as I needed a break from the bedroom!

When I start a room, I usually start with an object, a piece of furniture, or more often, a painting.  Then I work 'backwards' collecting other pieces that will complement it.  This painting jumped out at me, and although she may be a little grand for Daviot House, I really wanted to include it.

I put it in a dark frame, and mod podged the card, so make it look more like canvas.

Then, although I have a lot of sewing projects on the go already, I started to make a small rug in needlepoint to go with her.

I think they go very nicely with the Queen Anne chair ( I will eventually have two!), and are a welcome break from the femininity of the bedroom!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bedroom Progress

I have been doing battle with the bed hangings recently - I just can't make up my mind which design to choose!  So for a little light relief, I made a couple of objects - a clothes chest and two oval paintings.  

                 The bed linen is progressing, I made a valance, using neither pretty pleater nor a thousand pins!  I'll show you how to do it when I do my next bedding tutorial.

                The bedroom is a real mess!  I am struggling with plaster dust at the moment, but I had a brainwave at about 12 last night, and sprayed the walls with hairspray.  I'll see if that helps a little!  Most of the debris comes from moving things about, which should stop soon as I start to glue things in permanently.

                 I made the little hook on the left using a black head pin and a piece of lolly stick.  The candle on the shelf is only there as a guide for the electrics, I want to get a little 'wee willie winkie' candle instead.

    I'd better get on with the bed hangings before they defeat me!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let's make a mattress

      I thought I'd write a little tutorial for each step of the bedding process I do, just in case it is of any help.  There is a wonderful mattress tutorial by Kris, but for my purposes and time restrictions, I came up with a slightly easier 'cheat' version.  But do check hers out - she is amazing!

First picture above is the slat bed I made.  The alcove bed is a very strange shape - long and very narrow, but as it is at the back of the room, it looks ok.  I had to make a simple bed to fit the dimensions (be nice about my amateur woodworking, I'm practicing!).

Next, I cut out a foam board rectangle that fits snugly in the slat bed frame.

I drew a buttoning pattern on paper using the foam board as a guide.

  Then I cut out my fabric to fit. I used cotton that came from a pair of well worn (clean!) pyjamas.  You can probably find lots of thins that are suitable around the house. It overlaps the foam board by about 2.5 cm on each side.  I used pinking shears to avoid any fabric fraying during the process.

I made a sandwich of  the fabric, wadding and buttoning pattern.

Using crochet cotton and a small darning needle, I sewed through the sandwich at each 'button' on the fabric, pulling taut so that the wadding puffs up around the button.

Here's the front.

Then I covered the paper pattern with tacky glue,

Stuck on the foamboard, and glued the edges of the fabric to the underside.

Here's the top.

The mattress fits nicely into the slat bed (the gaps are intentional, for a later headboard).

The slat bed is supported by triangular dowel glued to the walls.  The alcove will fit in front, covering up a multitude of sins.

That's the first step... next time, bolsters and pillows!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tiny Tea

            Having been so pleased with the lovely cow creamers, I just couldn't resist getting a matching teapot from Rachel at VR Miniatures Just perfect!  Now all I need are matching cups and saucers!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crow Step Gable

     Here's the progress on the front... sorry for the terrible photo!  I have added a step gable to the roof, and I think it works quite well.  At the moment it is just foam board, but I am deciding on the size of the steps before I make it in wood.  I also have to work out how to attach it to the roof without leaving a telling joint!

   I have a lot of windows to remake - the ones the kit came with are just MDF strips, and not very easy to paint in situ;  when I tried to remove them for painting the collapsed!

   So here is the stack of bass wood strips I have to make the frames...

   For some reason I don't like the house without the window frames, it looks haunted and derelict, so I shall get on with making those as soon as possible.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Place to Lay My Head...

                Here's a bolster I have made as I start to do the bedding for the alcove bed.  I've read on a number of your blogs that there is bedding to be done out there in mini-world, so I will try to put up a tutorial for each piece I make.

 I was side-tracked quite a lot by the exterior of Daviot House, then by the study, plastering, fireplaces... so much so that I've decided to try to concentrate on one room at a time!  Here's the progress on the bedroom:

         I chose a square opening, rather than a curve, as this will allow me to 'showcase' more of the embroidered fabric that I will use for bed hangings.  The bed is deceptively shallow, but it is not so noticable from this end!

There are still so many rough edges, but you get the general picture so far.  On the left hand side will be a dressing table, very simple, which I am considering making myself (oh the horror!).  So I'll let you know how that one works out!

   I can't wait to finish all of the structual details, painting and lighting, so I can get down to the soft furnishings.  I just have so many decisions to make about the design and fabric - delicate silks or heavy woollen crewel?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Little Light Upholstery

      This is my first attempt at upholstery, a nursing chair made from a Jane Harrop kit, which I completed in pale blue silk for the parlour.  It turned out quite well, but the process taught me a lot about methods - how not to get glue all over the silk, for example!

      I had wanted to embroider something for the chair seat, but I am glad I didn't - I would have ruined it with glue.  But I did do this cushion a while back, and I htink it oes nicely.  I've ordered another chair so that I can have a pair in the parlour by the fireplace.

       It is just as well that I am starting to practice my upholstery skills and woodworking, as look what I got in the post!

    I designed a few embroideries for the daybed on the left, and chose a simple one, with a repeat.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Not-so-grand Entrance

         I made good progress on the front door today.  I was quite pleased because I managed to use the floor that I had made for the hall for the stonework... and it turned out ok.  I used a base of grey and brown acrylic paint, and then did several washes with watercolours, treating each stone separately to give it a natural feel.  

            I might darken the edges some more before varnishing, though the camera flash makes it appear much lighter.

    I made the door out of wooden floorboards and used the hardware I had bought earlier from Sussex Crafts.  The nails are black headpins.  I liked using them as all I had to do was cut the head off with wire cutters, drill a hole and pop it in with some glue.  Much easier I found that trying to hammer in tiny pins!

        The door needs another coat of wax after a good clean with damp cloth - there is dust everywhere!

         The windows had the same stonework applied.  I have a lot of windows to make!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daviot House Begins...


         First things first, thank you for all your wonderful comments and support - I logged on yesterday to the lovely surprise that I have 'broken' the 100 followers mark!  Thanks so much!  It's hard to believe sometimes...

      Daviot House has finally arrived, and I have been throwing every spare minute I have at it, though I don't get so many of those, so progress is a little slow.  I have constructed the house, except the front, as I want to take that off to decorate more easily.

      The MDF was fairly easy to put together, though it tends to swell quite a bit when wet/glued/plastered/painted, which is the reason I had to put ot together before painting.  But otherwise I was pretty pleased with it - just made well enough to last, but basic enough to make my own.  Thanks Ted!

            I have been a little too hasty with the hall floor - I will have to do it again, but it gives me a good 'visual' as to the space and the effect I want.  The parlour fireplace now has a new home, though I will probably add a few more embellishments.  

The door on the left will lead to a stair turret (eventually!), the back door will lead to the kitchen behind the house.  So, for the moment, we are lacking stairs and a kitchen.

     This is the bedroom - as you can see, I have plumped for the alcove bed - it was just too quirky to resist.  But also, I chose it for two reasons:  one, the house is not a grand one, and would not have had the budget for a large fourposter.  Second, this room is on the small side, so an alcove bed makes for the best use of space.  I have to admit, it is slightly narrow, but that won't be too noticable.


      The study is on the ground floor, under the bedroom, and has the same proportions, but I had some spare flooring I put in to get a sense of the room.  I have been planning this house for so long in ly head that it is nice to actually have something physical to play around with.  The room does look a mess at the moment, but it will clean up nicely!

    I have so, so much to do, but that is half of the pleasure of this hobby, isn't it?  I'll post as soon as I have something worthwhile to look at, for now it is just raw walls and doors!