Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Moody Blues or I got stuck!

Sometimes I think I am in control of Daviot House.  I decide what goes in, which rooms are where, which furniture to use etc...  But sometimes, just sometimes, I have the sneaking suspicion that the house has its own opinion.  Some rooms fall into place, and others Get Stuck.

  I last posted A LONG TIME AGO after a Spring Clean, when I changed the colours of the morning room walls.  But something wasn't quite right.  I wasn't happy with the layout, the sofa, the colours.  And I got stuck.  I didn't touch the house for quite a long time - I didn't find a great deal of inspiration, and things weren't working.  

Looking at other people's blogs made me feel a bit guilty that I wasn't being productive, or leaving lovely comments, or joining-in with everyone.  I had contracted that strange disease, 

                                The Miniaturist's Blues!

I think quite a few of us feel it from time to time, often Real Life gets in the way of creativity, and I'm sure some really great miniaturists have disappeared from the blogosphere due to it.  So things were pretty blue in my Mini World!  Well, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  If you feel blue, go blue.  And that is exactly what I did.  Here are the results:

The Breakfast Room in all its splendour, set with the finest silver and blue and white china ...

I painted the porcelain with a dainty pattern...

The table cloth was a wonderful find at a flea market - it is the perfect size for the table, and the lace edging is just about in scale for an Edwardian crochet hem.

 The rug was a very damaged evening bag - although I don't like cutting up antique petit point for miniatures, this was far beyond repair as a bag, and I cleaned, mended and backed it with linen to preserve it.  I love the muted colours!

The panelling and fireplace were inspired by a visit to Fort William in Scotland last year, from a room in the Highlands Museum there, dating to the mid-eighteenth century.  It is very simple, made from cardboard and Das clay.  

There is a rather snooty gentleman in a Tarbena frame, but I do like him, I think he stops the room from being too twee.  The sconces are my usual DIY using elements from Bindels Ornaments, and the clock is by Malcolm Hall on Etsy.  

The breakfast table is set with various pieces of silver, including a fabulous butter dish from Stephen J Randall, a toast rack from Art Forge and a teapot that was rescued from a charm bracelet.  

The egg cups, bud vase and cutlery are pewter from Warwick miniatures.  The stunning tea caddy is from Malcolm Hall.  It was a good Christmas this year!

The corner cupboards are filled with porcelain that I painted myself, and others from my collection from V&R Miniatures, Muriel Hopwood and Deerness ceramics.  

It is very good to have all of my blue and white collection in one place, and I think that the black accents of the sconces and the clock on the mantle piece help to tone down the blue, so it doesn't feel overdone (although my RL addiction to blue and white china has spilled into my miniatures!)

I hope you have enjoyed the Breakfast Room of Daviot House, and forgive me my long absence - I will be back again to keep you updated on other rooms of the house that I have been working on during my sabbatical,



  1. I have been thinking about you for such a LONG time Jonquil and so I can't tell you how delighted I am to see not only a new post from you but also a Simply Splendid new Breakfast Room too!
    I LOVE your hand-painted blue and white china and the two display cupboards filled with your collection. I am also LOVING the silver; polished and gleaming so Beautifully on your linen covered table, in front of your Fab Fireplace! :D
    Everything about this room is Snug and Welcoming and one would never guess by your results that you have had a malingering case of the"Mini Blues". Glad to hear that you've made your peace with it, and so a hearty WELCOME BACK to you and to Marvellous Daviot House! :D


  2. I think it looks just wonderful. I can't decide what I like best, it all goes so well together. I'm so impressed with your china! That royal blue color and the tiny details.
    So glad to have you back!

  3. I'm so glad to see you back. Your room is amazingly beautiful, I love everything.

  4. Todo un lujo poder ver todas las fotos que has compartido, gracias:-)

  5. Creo que la habitación ha quedado perfecta.

  6. Hi Jonquil! It is wonderful to see a post from you again! And what a Treat your Breakfast Room is!! I Love the whole room! The color and paneling are just perfect...(I do love blue!) and this is such a classic eighteenth century color! Your rug is gorgeous and the table cloth too! But what has me really swooning is all your china that you hand painted yourself!!! I am in love with your blue and white china!!! Clearly you made good use of your "blue" period... and came through it with a fantastic mini room that I would love to sit in! I hope you don't need to take extended time off from minis but can continue forward with great inspiration! It's great to see you back in blogland! :):)

  7. What a wonderful room!! I cannot get my head around that you painted that china - it is incredibly beautiful.
    I agree, that we all suffer some kind of 'blues' from time to time and I really hope you are not well on your way to 'recovery'
    Anna x

  8. Wonderful to have you back I know all about the miniature blues :))) I love your room the items on the table are stunning. The colour in the room is beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Its so very true that sometimes we have to put miniatures to one side while we deal with the other things that life throws at us the important thing is that you still have the urge to carry on creating beautiful works, so pleased to read your post. Best wishes Tony.

  10. It's lovely to see you back posting again. The room is delightful and I am very envious of your blue and white china. I hope you are well.

  11. Hello, I love your chairs ! my dining chairs came from Masters also, such nice people to deal with. I love the colour of your panelling, I am also using blue grey in my house. Your porcelain is lovely, you are really talented. hugggs

  12. Well in this case feeling blue is a good thing. A very good thing! What a wonderful room this has become. Love the fireplace (I remember there are more wonderful fireplaces made by you in other rooms). That is something I still have to finish in most of my rooms...The rug is a great find. I think reusing something when it is damaged is a good thing and here it has found a perfect second life. And the porcelain, oh that just looks splendid. Wonderful job on the painting! The silver is lovely and the tea caddy is an exquisite little box, one that I couldn't resist at the Hall's table at the Kensington Christmas Fair. A Christmas present to myself ;-)

  13. I could relate to this entire blog, Josje. The mini blues is an odd phenomenon isn't it. The trick, I guess, is too hold fast and know yourself. That you will come through and get back into the game. I struggle with not scrapping the last project!
    I loved all your blue and white china. I am really considering a blue room in this house and I was inspired by your panelling.
    Take care

  14. Hello, well if you have to go through the blues to end up in the pink then its Worth it. It is true that quite often I follow a blog to see it fade out and with my own I do try to post often but RL does has a way of kicking you. You painted china is gorgeous and the silver is fab. I have jsut ordered a few things from Randall and can't wait to receive them for my dining room ,, huggsss