Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Room With a View

Gosh, September was a busy month... I know that here in France, we get a lot of holidays, but going back to work/school is so much harder after so much time off!  But I have also been busy working on Daviot House.  Sometimes I find I am more productive if I don't blog, but then I don't get to share things regularly with you...  

After ordering more fireplace tiles, I finished the fireplace and GLUED IT ALL IN!

I never glue things in indefinitely, as I am always redoing things, but this time I am sure it is all ok, and so got out the glue.  It doesn't seem to matter how well I measure and cut, there are always little gaps and holes.  The cornicing was a bit gappy, and down the sides of the fireplace, the light from the fire was shining through the walls.

So I got out the acrylic mastic and filled it all up, nice and tight and smooth.  Then, of course, I needed to repaint, as the mastic is BRIGHT WHITE, and the plaster walls are a lovely creamy off-white.

Then, I had to clean and polish the floor.  Then I had to drill a couple of small holes in the wall for the curtain tie-backs.  So then I had to clean and polish the floors again, and then touch up the walls with cream paint at the bottom... 

You get the picture, September has been busy, but sometimes it feels as if I am taking three steps forward and two steps back all the time!

So here are some lovely, calming pictures of the dining closet from various views:

The Hall contrasts nicely with the blue dining closet

I am very pleased with the Delft elephant spill vases from V&R Miniatures either side of the fireplace

An eerie, Dickensian view through the window...

A tiny little key in the cabinet lock that I have been meaning to glue on for about three years... it took me all of three minutes!

The new curtain tie-backs that provoked so much cleaning and painting!

And to finish, a peek at what has been going on outside recently, a new turret with a slate roof, made with, you guessed it, DAS clay... I think I will be doing the whole of the roof this way, so now would probably be a good time to take out shares in their company, because I'm going to need A LOT!

See you in October!