Friday, November 29, 2013

Crisp White Sheets

Few things are as inviting as crisp, white sheets on a bed...

With plumped-up pillows and delicate lace

And monogrammed lavender pillows, filled with dried lavender from my garden to help you sleep

White work blossoms

Petit point silk

And a tiny Jonquil flower

Now all I need is a good book and a cup of tea!


PS - actually, I need a computer technician... my posts don't seem to update in your bloglists, if anyone has a cure for this bug, I'd be grateful!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Lion In Winter

Can you spot him?

There he is, lying on the banks of the river!

And measuring only 1cm in length... not a very fierce one, but he is very proud of his magnificent mane...

A quilting pin for scale

And quite a few other additions.  I have immortalised my cat Edgar under a Jonquil flower (of course!), but can you find the peregrine falcon?

I still have lots to do, but I love this technique above all other embroidery techniques, it is so fun and liberating to do, and so very addictive!

I have been putting my garden 'to bed' for the Winter, and my poor hands have suffered for it.  I can't stand wearing gloves, but planting a lot of bulbs doesn't really help my skin, and as you can imagine, tiny silk embroidery demands the softest, smoothest hands!  A good excuse to splash out on some expensive handcream, I think!


Friday, November 8, 2013

Winter Accessories

As the nights are drawing in, the weather turns miserable and cold, I thought a few winter accessories were in order.  A deep cherry - red silk cloche hat decorated with a silk apple, leaves and a feather and a leather handbag.  

The handbag is rather special, as it is finished with real snakeskin!  I have a very old crocodile handbag that I found at a fleamarket, that has lovely snakeskin edging ...  but it is too old and fragile to use, and recently started to have a faint 'musty' smell....  so I am using up the leather in projects.  I am an animal lover, and would never advocate using exotic animal skins for luxury goods, but as this handbag was at least third-hand, I don't feel too guilty.  Besides, I think the snake is going to be greatly appreciated in it's new form!

On another note, I am starting to tackle the roof of Daviot House, experimenting with various finishes.  No photos yet, but I did find a fantastic link to a site about model-making finishing techniques.  A long, academic read with great photos, and best of all, a section on suppliers!  Have a look ...

And coming soon, a new stumpwork update!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Purchase Update

        A lot of construction work is going on in Daviot House, so until the dust settles, here's a little post of my recent purchase and makes.  For the new dining room, I bought a very cheap whitewood sideboard and attacked it with watercolours to make something vaguely resembling fruitwood.  I've yet to find a nice matte varnish, but I did manage to paint the inside and legs a lovely blue.  So much for avoiding blue, it seems to be my default colour!  

     Gracing the sideboard is a fantastic chicken teapot by Duncan White, that I ummed and awwwwd about for an age before purchasing.  I'm really glad I did, it looks fantastic.

      I found the little metal coal scuttle in a flea market on Wednesday ... the lady in the shop had no idea what it was, and sold it for a song.  I think it is German, and has a lovely Art Nouveau pattern on it.

   The plates are from Peiwen Petitgrand, Muriel Hopwood and V&R Miniatures... they don't go together well, but I won't be displaying the together.  The Bonnie Prince Charlie plate will actually go in the hall (and has a story attached that I'll tell you when the hall is ready for a tour!).

For the bedroom I made a nice laundry bag that opens and closes for all those dirty socks!

A tiny, tiny teddy bear called Charles - he has jointed limbs and I was so happy that I found him at Judith Dowd's Etsy shop.  

A beautiful silver hairbrush and candle stick from Small Wonders on a fantastic crochet doily made by Roslyn Treasures, who sadly is not making them any more.

The lamp was a cheap 3 euro lamp that I jazzed up using glass paints.  If anyone has any ideas how to paint the base a more dark copper colour, please let me know!

     I found these  vintage ivory elephant beads that work really well as bookends.  They have been carved so carefully with a lot of detail.

And finally, I made a little photo frame for a photo of a married couple, because I am happy to let you know that I and my man will be getting married this April!