Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Items for the Hall

I've taken a break from the creamy yellows of the bedroom, this week we are back in the hall.  I recently bought two Tony Knott pewter items, as I heard that he is retiring, and I thought that they would be perfect for the Stuart period feel of the hall.  I bought a water jug with a twisted handle and a quaich - a shallow two handled drinking cup.

I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the jug.  The finishing was really bad - there were slubs on the inside that blocked the jug, and on the bottom there was a lump of lead that prevented the jug from sitting flat.  The join lines and mould lines could also be seen.  I was quite disappointed, I had heard great things about Tony Knott's work, and I imagine it was just my bad luck getting the piece, but still....

So I got out my trusty Dremel and sanded off all the imperfections.  The jug looks much better now and I am happy with the little collection.  I can't wait to get some Glasscraft pieces to complete the scene.

On the opposite wall I have been playing around with a few items, to see what goes best, and I really like this painting-chair combination.  The ornate frame, which I won last year in Elga's giveaway, really works with the plain walls.  I'm not sure if I will keep the portrait of Allan Ramsay's daughter, but for the moment she really works.  

As for the Queen Anne chair - it's a bit of a disaster at the moment.  In fact, it was my very first kit, and I struggled a lot with it.... but I know where I can improve, and if not, I'll just have to break open the piggy bank and get a beautiful piece made!  (Hurry up birthday!)

It will be upholstered in a deep ruby red, to match the Chippendale open armchairs that I am working on.

And here is a little sneak peak of the rug I am making.  After the firescreen on 72 hpi, I decided my eyes needed a little rest, and so this piece is on I think 32 count linen....sorry about the pink colour, but it was what I had in my stash!  I think I will dip it in some cld tea before blocking, so dull the colour a bit.

The design up to the horseman on the right is not mine - it is Marika Bindel's, I think of Bindel's miniature ornaments fame, and it is a lovely piece to stitch.  I think originally it was designed as a wall hanging, but I loved the scene for a rug.  So I extended the design a little.  I hope it works!

Thank you for all your comments and suggestions about the birdcage, it's great to know that there is a wealth of mini information out there!



  1. The rug looks amazing.
    Bye, Faby

  2. Bad luck with the Jug, you really wouldn't know looking at it, you have done a great job rectifying it. It is a lovely scene, so simple and understated, it looks luke a Dutch still-life.

    Your rug is amazing too, I think you are doing very well to get all this done with a little one at foot, I used to try all sorts of tricks to stretch out the sleep time, when I was painting. Now it's not the sleep time, it's how long I can stretch it till I have to drive them some where.....but I wouldn't have it any other way....; )

    ML Fi xx

  3. Hello Jonqil,
    I am glad you were able to fix the jug. How dissapointing! You have again chosen some beautiful pieces and I cannot wait to see your hall, but I have to say your carpet is absolutley fantastic! I love the design and think it will be wonderful! The room finishes look so realistic in your pictures! Excellent work!
    Big hug,

  4. That is a beautiful rug! It can be so disappointing having to fix a piece, but it looks great in the hall now.

  5. Bravo pour tout. J'aime particulièrement le tapis.

  6. Hi Jonquil,

    I know that Tony Knott gave up the miniature scene last year, his collection of tudor miniatures and his bronzes are still being produced by Phoenix Miniatures, who were selling at both of the big UK shows this year. Whether the quality has slipped a little in the transition I don't know, but I was always happy with Tony Knott's miniatures before. Shame about the jug, but at least you have got it looking better.

    I think I might have a spare Queen Anne chair kit like yours somewhere, It was also the first kit I tried to make, so I know what you mean! I had a box of two, but only ever made one. If you would like it, I'd be happy to send it to you, to save you buying one. I don't think I am likely to use it myself.

    Anyway, the additions to the hall look good, I do like that bowl!!


  7. Hi Jonquille, how disapointing for the jug, I am glad you were able to fix it! It looks good and no one can see it ;). The bowl is gorgeous together with the pewter items.
    The still life is so beautiful, I love the rooms of your house, they are so lifelike.
    The rug is wonderful, I really love the design.
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Sorry for your little problem with the jug, sometimes this kind of situations happens, but seems that you´ve solved it perfectly!
    The hall is taking shape and looks really pretty, and the rug... wonderful!