Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Few New Items for the Shop...

A document porfolio for all those essential household documents - a safe and stylish place to keep your Deeds

A tiny embroidery hoop with a half finished petitpoint bouquet

An embroidered scissors case 

Happy Shopping!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Exterior Progress

From this...

... to this...

It needs a few more coats of paint, windows, doors, stonework.... a lot of work!  But the house is taking shape slowly.  The staircase tower will be on the left, and the kitchen and still room will be at the back.  I will make a roombox extension for the kitchen, and think it will take a few years to get to that point!

The last windowto have stonework added is from the study - I am thinking of making it into French windows opening onto the (future) garden.

The roof will have proper crow step gables (currently it is just a piece of foam board!) and chimneys.  And of course a slate roof!  Ideally, I would like real slate, but wonder if it might be a little too heavy.

I used foam board to mock up the porch

Here is a little watercolour I painted to show what I hope Daviot House will eventually look like!  You can see the staircase tower on the left hand side

This is a very inspirational house, Ford House in Lothian.  I love the garden and slightly sagging roof!


Spring Clean Workspace

It seems everyone is getting in on the workspace 'show and tell', and I for ne used it as great motivation to TIDY UP.  Here is my little corner of peace and quiet, away from all my boys, work and the cat...  Actually, no, not the cat - Edgar usually has pride of place on the day bed, but didn't deign to appear in this photo (he's rather exclusive!).

The bookshelf is deidcated to my silk embroidery - who knew such small things needed so much stuff to create?  The day bed drawers contain everything else.... just don't open them, or you'll NEVER GET THEM CLOSED AGAIN!

This little table is all I have to work on - I long to have a huge trestle work bench - but then I would only have more space to make more mess!

I included the teapot and hyacinths for Simon, but they really live on the window sill.

And look what's just arrived - a late Christmas present!  I have no idea how my little table is going to cope with this!

What should I make for my first project?


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mimosa Bedroom Progress...

Ah, February!  Cold, grey, snowy and damp (at least here in Lyon)... what better antidote than some lovely sunshine yellow?

Slowly but surely the bedroom is taking shape.  A few lovely things have arrived in the post, including this old chest of drawers.  I found it online, and it has no maker's mark, but I loved the little turned columns on the side.  I had thought about using a Dutch bombe chest, but I could only find either a kit (and I know I could't do it justice), or something expensive and generic from China.  So I was quite pleased with this.  I really want to change the handles, so if any of you have any ideas, I'd love to know where to source some.

I couldn't resist this Tarbena mirror... I'll probably never own one of their furniture pieces, but I can own a mirror!  It has a lovely finish, but I feel like aging the gold a little.... would this be a crime?  Should I keep it as it is?

I think they go well together - not too humble, not too grand....

And the star piece this month is a bouquet of Ilona's flowers... yes you guessed it, the mimosas she made were for me!  I am waiting for the weather and the lighting to improve to take proper photos of all the amazing things she sent me....they deserve a whole post just for themselves!

And I rather like this fellow... he doesn't look to happy, but his mustard frock coat looks just right above the panelling!  

Speaking of which, none of the woodwork has finally been glued down - I am waiting to finish the bed-curtains, as to install them, I need to take the alcove bed out.  This means that nothing can be finally put in place yet, and there are gaps everywhere.

I lined the drawers with toile de jouy paper in gold... you can just see a beautiful packet of letters and rose buds from Ilona - more on them very soon!

And a tiny flame-stitched bed step.  The carpet is only a piece of fabric that I use to show what the real rug position will be like.... I haven't made the real one yet!

Thank you for all your encouraging comments, they really are appreciated.  I hope your February is less dull and grey, and that we see the first signs of spring soon,


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thank you Simon and Giac!

Sometimes I just need a little bit of motivation to tackle the more structural elements of Daviot House...  Two recent posts really gave me that;  Giac and his post on lead glazed windows for his room-box, and Simon and his post on sandstone and exterior decoration.  Thanks guys!

You can check them out here and here.  I think the original tutorial for glazed windows comes from the Glorious Twelfth blog, and a great one it is too.

This is the sorry state of the window after I had ripped out the window frames that were supplied with the kit.  There was nothing wrong with them, but I needed to make stone surrounds.  My first try ended up with the 'stones stuck on mdf' effect, and so I needed to mould the clay around the window hole to make it look more realistic.

After the problems I had with the DAS floor in the hall, I was afraid that I would have to find another medium...but I am back in love with the stuff now, thankfully!  

I used a very hard toothbrush to stipple and pock-mark the clay.  A lolly and cocktail stick provided the other textural elements - architecture on a shoestring!  Daviot House is quite a low-budget production, but we work with what we have...

I use several washes of waterclour paint, various reds, greens, ochres, browns and blues, finished off with a light stippling of mossy green on the top.

The glazing was just an acrylic sheet, and I cut strips of adhesive lead.  I couldn't easily (or cheaply) find golf lead online, which is the recommended product, so I used lead flashing used for dollshouse rooves.  It cut fine after a couple of goes, and was less stressful to use as I had anticipated.

I still have to make a wooded casement frame for the 'glass' to go in, and use a glazing varnish for the glass, but I'm waiting for the postman!

Here you can see a 'before and after' comparison between the dining room window on the ground floor and the bedroom window above.

And so the Mimosa Bedroom is slowly taking shape... deadline (hopefully) is the end of February, so things should be quite busy around here for a couple of weeks!



Friday, February 1, 2013

A Few Sneak Peaks and a Thank you

Just a little post to let you know that I haven't disappeared down a plumbing pipe!  

Thank you for your patience, and please know that I am following and appreciating your posts;  if I haven't commented recently, I'm sorry, but hopefully things will be back to normal soon...

I will be focusing on the mimosa bedroom in an effort to get it finished by the end of February (including all sewing, ha ha ha!), so here are a few photos, complete with cracked plaster and unfinished windows...

The bed hanging will be on the left hand side.  I am starting to experiment with fabric draping, to find a good method that won't ruin the silk I am using... it isn't easy!  I'll let you know what I find out during my trials...

I have recently acquired a few new items for the bedroom, which I can't wait to show you, but  have to be patient and wait for the postman!

The parlour through to the bedroom

A little corner of the parlour (somebody definitely needs to sweep up that mess on the floor!)

    And last, but by absolutely no means least, a very big thank you to Irene of Tenement fame, who surprised me by sending a copy of her fabulous calendar!  

Such a lovely idea, and it's wonderful to be able to look at her photos without turning on my computer!  It has pride of place above my work desk, and is a welcome piece of 'back hame'.  

She was also very generous and sent me some tartan fabric, which I can't wait to use as draught excluding curtains in the hall - the residents must be absolutely freezing!

Thank you, thank you Irene, you really cheered up my flooded-out and cracked-piping January!