Sunday, January 20, 2013

Some Sunday!

Well, you know you just have those days sometimes?  I had planned to catch up on a lot of your blogs, and start work on the windows on Daviot House, but everything conspired against me today:  lost contact lenses,   cat tangled in my silk thread box, burst pipes, backed up drains and a washing machine flood...*sigh*. 

 I will try to catch up wth you all this week, and I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts!

On the upside, I finished off my 72 holes per inch petit point firescreen.  Finally!  A couple of months ago I said 'It'll be quick - I only have the background to finish'.... famous last words.  

But it is done now, and will look great in the hall.  I'd take a photo of the screen in the hall to show you, but the light is terrible right now (I'll wait until morning)...

I have to find some cording to finish off the edges, but it's looking ok so far!

The screen will always remind me of Elga, as she sent the House of Miniatures kit to me in a giveaway - the only one I have ever won - and I like the idea of having something in my house with a connection to my online mini-world.

Here's hoping your week will be much better than my Sunday!



  1. Forse hai avuto una domenica piena di piccoli incidenti domestici ma il tuo parafuoco sembra davvero grandioso. :D Almeno qualcosa non è andato storto!

    1. è vero, almeno posso finire la mia giornata felice!

    2. Sul sito di Henry Bart Miniatures c'è una plaque de cheminee con un cavaliere molto simile, con l'unica differenza che sta suonando una tromba. Una coincidenza interessante, potresti fare "pendant"!;-)

  2. ¡Es maravilloso, Jonquil! Un trabajo exquisito y a un tamaño increíblemente diminuto. Jamás me atrevería a hacer algo tan minúsculo.


  3. It is beautiful you must be very pleased with how it turned out, so many tiny stitches and a lovely screen too. I have one I made from a kit but nothing to put in it as yet, perhaps I should try doing a tiny petit point myself.

  4. Jonquil,

    Your petit point is just beautiful. You clearly have such a talent for it. The detail is amazing! I think it will look beautiful in your house.

    You know the funny thing is, today I was out looking in my favourite vintage shop and I stopped to admire a very similar life size version of two gentlemen riding horses chasing two deer and I thought of you and Elga. I think your version is nicer some how, I love the colours.

    ML Fi xx

  5. The screen turned out beautiful Jonquil, did you design the chart yourself? I can't remember ever seeing this one in a book or magazine, it is a wonderful design.

    I have had washing machine floods before, not nice at all, poor you and on a Sunday too! With two small boys I am amazed at how much work you manage to turn out, enjoy your week. xx

  6. Oh dear, so much bad luck :( and like Elga said: on a sunday too. I hope everything can be solved soon, Jonquil!
    The fire screen is beautiful and so small. I've made the same one many years ago, so I know its size :) I love that horse scene, the colors are wonderful. It really is a treasure for your house. Don't worry about the plans for miniature making: every miniaturist has plans and often it takes a lot of time to do so....:D! Good luck for the coming week.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  7. Hello Jonquil,
    What a bad day! I'll be thinking of you today and sending you good vibes. I hope there was not too much damage to your house and that all got fixed.
    The screen...what can I say? It is just stunning! It was worth all your time and your effort. it is stunning.
    Big hug,

  8. A bad day....but a beautiful screen.
    Bye Faby

  9. Sorry about your travails, Jonquil, I hope all that is past you now! But wow! Your little screen is enchanting --i can't imagine all those stitches fitting into a square inch!

  10. Your little screen is SO Perfect!!! I LOVE the design! I hope your week has improved and your mini projects are getting a start at least!!!

  11. Wow, that's stunning. Did you go blind? :) I hope your domestic woes are quickly sorted out and all is well now :)

  12. Hi Jonquil

    I hope your past week has been better than that terrible Sunday, what a list of problems!! Hope they are all sorted now!

    The firescreen is exquisite! beautiful design, beautifully rendered! Congratulations! it's a stunning piece, and well done on winning Elga's give away, I have been lucky to receive a gift from her too in the past!

    Andy xxx