Friday, January 11, 2013

From Russia With Love

    There is something wonderful about being able to find the story of past embroiderers whose work we are inspired by today.  While searching for inspiration for the hall armchairs, I came across this painting and associated needlework.  

   They belong to the Victoria and Albert museum, and are related to Jane Vigor, a very interesting 18th century character, who embroidered them.  You can see her holding her embroidery on the far left of the painting, and below are some examples of her work.

Jane Vigor was a fascinating, yet little known person, who spent time in Russia at the court of Empress Anne.  She wrote about her experiences, and to all accounts was a lovely and intelligent woman.

You can read more about her here.

I love these seat covers - they incorporate some of my favourite elements, and the rich blue-greens and bright yellow.  I shall be using these as inspiration, though I am using a deep ruby red silk.  I like imagining what her life was like, and her own design process when she made them.


All images copyright V&A Museum


  1. That is So Fascinating! And the Embroidery is Exquisite! It is Truly painting with threads!!! I look forward to seeing your version... you make such amazing tiny pieces!!!

  2. Hello Jonquil, Thank you so much for the linka nd the great information. She was a wonderful perason to read about and I will definitely take the time to read it in detail. I love the pictures you posted. Embroidery is such a beautiful artform.
    Big hug,

  3. Very interesting Jonquil! She certainly was no great beauty herself, judging by the painting, but her work is! Like you I also love to find inspiration in history, paintings and pieces of art. It is all part of the attraction miniatures hold for me.
    Thanks for the link you posted, I will go and explore it now!