Thursday, March 22, 2012

Parlour Alcove

   I've been constructing a shelving alcove out of mat board for the parlour, to get an idea of scale and space.  Hopefully, I'll try and construct the real version in wood.  The room box has the same problem as my real life house - no walls are straight!  However, I think this problem will be resolved when Daviot House is constructed, as I'll make sure the angles are 90°.

  I've tried to make it a little rustic, to suit the house - although the parlour will be the most impressive room in the house, to wow visitors, the family who live there are not the sort that live in the grandest of places.  So although there is classical influence, it's all a bit more hand made by the local carpenter.

  Apologies for the photo quality, a reminder that talcum powder is dangerous for camera lenses!


  1. Hello!
    The shelving alcove looks great. For what it's worth I think the fact that the walls aren't straight really adds to your room. It has such an enchanting rustic feel.
    I love it. You create beautiful rooms!

  2. What a good idea to do a mock up first! I like this so much -- it adds a great feature to that corner, and all dressed will be a marvellous collection of detail :)

  3. I think a corner cabinet in this room will look very good indeed. Angles can be a problem, but if you make it a free standing piece of furniture I'm sure angles won't be any problem. Nice collection of things on display too, they fit in well with the furniture you've selected.