Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Windows on the world

     After my little cold turned into a horrible virus, I'm slowly getting back to normal again, and finally finished off the window.  This poor excuse of a hole was made in the wood using a pretty bad jigsaw, and so is not totally straight!  I had to make a frame myself from basswood.

     Then I finished off with glazing, using black thread stiffened with starch for the lead lights.  I had difficulty sticking the thread to the perspex; it looks as if it is raining permanently!  If I use this method again, I'm going to have to sort out a gluing technique.  I quickly made a muslin curtain, again stiffened with starch, but it is a little too bulky at the moment, and so I'll redo it at some point.

    Right now I have so many projects floating around in my head that I am finding it difficult to settle down and work on one!  I also am waiting for a couple of packages in the post, so the poor postman gets accosted every morning by me!  I'm sure they'll turn up soon, and then I can share them with you,


PS - I am also planning a give away soon to thank all of my new followers, so stay tuned!


  1. I think your windows and frames are very successful -- and I love the delicate leading! What a great idea to use thread ... totally stealing that, if it's okay :)

  2. The curtain is very beautiful.
    So French.

    Greetings, Alexandra