Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Window Seat

   Apologies for another post about embroidery - but at least this one has to do with furniture as well!  I commissioned a window seat from Master's Miniatures, asking that they not upholster it, so I could try myself.  I used a combination of Piper's floss and Guttermann twist silk threads to create a slightly raised effect.

   I backed the dupion silk material with some envelope paper, and fused it together with Bondaweb...  this made creating the creases much easier, as the silk had to bend cleanly over the edges of the seat.

  It looks like a lovely place to sit, though now I shall have to make some matching curtains à la Ray's drapery tutorial, as the window just looks too bare!

P.S. - Don't worry, I know the fire screen is in need of some mending, result of an unfortunate tussle with Edgar the Cat..


  1. It is beautiful! You really did a wonderful job. It looks terrific! Never aplogize for embroidery post...it is a beautiful artform and you do excellent work, it's a pleasure to see everything you do.
    Have a wonderful weekend and keep up the greatw rok,

  2. Beautiful!! I like the embroidery very much. Nice window seat!
    Hugs, Ilona